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Baby specialty stores

Lisey (14 posts) • 0

I'm looking for a baby specialty store to look at getting a stroller and cot and possibly also proper Huggies nappies as bubs is leaking through on the ones bought at Carrefour. Any suggestions where to go? Live around Keats. Thanks

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

You should try mai.com if possible (chinese language) with the nappies. Me and my wife had the same experience with the nappies we bought in carrefour (merris brand), they were about 160 rmb there but on the store for two packs they were 199 rmb. The difference between them as well was carrefour's were made in china and the onlne store's were made in japan and didn't leak like carrefour's did. Top of my head I know they sell other brands like pampers etc so worth a try.
As for anything in specialist shops I'd have a browse but if you see anything you like buy it online, the aegean mall near me (know it's far) has loads of baby shops but everything they sell is double the price online.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I am not sure if this applies in your case, but I did hear that the nappies sold in Asia are shaped for a child with smaller hips, and that rounder babies may need a larger size. Not just about the size, but for correct placement of the absorbent pad.
I agree with redjon about the prices of baby stuff in the malls. We did find however that uniqlo had comparatively cheap baby clothes.

blue.heights (3 posts) • 0

You might want to check out Metro 麦德龙maidelong. its not near Keats but is near the beichen sub stop. Have several american friends who got their diapers there. Bring your passport to get a club card if you've never been.

Silvio DaVinci (282 posts) • 0

Taobao is the place to shop for baby stuff. You can save up to 40% easily for good material and diapers.

- Babycribs made of nice wood: 260 rmb
- Diapers for a lot less
- Wetwipes per multi-pack.
- GB (GoodBaby brand) stroller which folds and can be carried like a bag is awesomely handy
- Baby formula from people who bring the stuff / ship the stuff to China from other countries (so not the potentially fake stuff (containing Chinese baby formula) in a counterfeit foreign packaging you risk finding in shops and supermarkets)

If in an emergency: Metro supermarket, Carrefour, Wallmart are the shops. Most big shopping malls have a baby and children section with various shops.

dcdavidlee (2 posts) • 0

there's an Australian girl I know who sends baby formula (as well as heaps of other 'western' products) to kunming fairly regularly. I can grab her wechat for anyone who's interested. She buys it all from local shops, provides photos of her buying it, tracking details etc. I find her pretty efficient.

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