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Voltage Converter

NavyVet (40 posts) • 0

Hello fellow expats,

I just arrived in Kunming a few days ago and am looking for a voltage converter for my American PS3...so anyone know where I can find a voltage converter that will convert American voltage to Chinese voltage?

lemon lover (907 posts) • 0

The other way around might be more useful.

Most equipment nowadays is multi voltage. Read the instructions it might say something like 100-240V-AC 50/60Hz. In that case you can use it straightaway.

NavyVet (40 posts) • 0

Thanks but it's a US Playstation 3 and I looked at it the other day and I think voltage was only around 100 or 120. My laptop and desktop computers are something like 100-240 so they're good to go but I'm afraid of plugging my Playstation 3 in without some sort of voltage converter.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

I think Metro might sell converters, think that is, I haven't shopped for one there.

lemon lover suggestion is best, assuming the ps3 has a separate power brick, you could buy one here and replace.

NavyVet (40 posts) • 0

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I've also been reading on-line that many PS3s are actually dual voltage so I'm not even sure if I need a different power supply.

So, there's a Metro in Kunming?

darkone264 (108 posts) • 0

HI as long as your US ps3 is not gen 1 then it will be fine, I have an american ps3 and it says 120v on the back I looked online and inside they have a universal power supply I also asked sony to be sure. any model that was made after gen 1 is universal

edit: not sure if yours is gen 1? can you play ps1/ps2 games on it, if so it is gen 1 the newer models are not backwards compadible

Silvio DaVinci (282 posts) • 0

I bought my power converter for my American ps3 at Luosiwan in the hardware and electronics section. It's about 150 RMB. Or you can buy it on taobao. Will send you the converter model number.

Hint: turn the converter on before plugging the ps3 in. The change in power can cause spikes. Also put a piece of tape over the outlet you don't want to use (in case you have been drinking or a friend decides to use it and doesn't know what he does).

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