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New Asia Athletics Park is one of the most well thought-out developments of the city.

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  • NameNew Asia Athletics Park
  • AddressKunluo Lu & Guangfu Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 67373566
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New Asia Athletics Park • Kunluo Lu & Guangfu Lu

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New Asia Athletics Park (Guandu District) is one of the most well thought-out developments of the city. As part of the de-urbanization plan, it accommodates the new government and trade districts of the city.
It is also one of the most child-friendly districts of Kunming.

Located next to the Guandu Ancient Town, New Asia Athletics Park boasts a hospital, dozens of playgrounds in car-free zones and parks, a quality hotel, a stadium with various sport facilities including badminton, ping-pong, basketball and football (there are more facilities).

In addition it has one of Kunming's top Halal restaurants with truly exquisite food and many other options for fine dining, a very good value cinema (who offers a card system allowing you to get tickets for about half price). They always have the latest movies (also available in English or with English subtitles).

It is next to the new Metro line (which already runs here), with easy access to the flower market and Chenggong University town. Carrefour Supermarket, Luosiwan International Trade City and the lake.

There is also a direct freeway to Kunming airport making it a very convenient location.

Planned for opening in 2014 / 2015 there is also the New Kunming Theater and a new Kunming / Yunnan museum.