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clean and safe chinese food

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Since my partner and I arrived in Kunming 3 months ago, we've both suffered repeated sickness from the food. I had previously spent 3 years in other parts of China and never really worried about the cleanliness as long as it tasted good. We are cooking more and more, but would still like to eat at the local restaurants occasionally. We sometimes go to a malaysia/chinese restaurant called Tessitoss, in Beichen. It's good food, seems very clean and hasn't given us any bad 'reactions'.

Could anyone recommend some clean/safe and preferably tasty chinese restaurants in and around Kunming? We live in Beichen, but places near the centre would also be of some interest.


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Where to eat, KaiFangCai.

You problem may be geradia, a parasite, common in this part of China.

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Just reviewed it on Google:

This is my restaurant of choice in the north of Kunming. The food is delicious and healthy. Why? Because the choice of ingredients. The choice of vegetables is remarkably unique, and they go to some very specific markets to get them. I have no problem ordering 80% wild vegetables in all the dishes of the meal. They are very open-minded for preparing suggestions, and will combine stuff whenever you think it will taste nice. Only with the wild mushrooms they'll refrain from this obviously. They have plaques on the walls saying: "We prefer to handle natural food in the traditional way to get optimal taste and think it is unnecessary to use chemical taste enhancers. We don't use MSG!" Salt is used sparingly, the chillies can all be left out and they serve you free home made kimchi and apple vinegar for every meal. Service is very attentive and friendly. Plates are almost oil-free after you finish a dish. Cold beer is available. Talk to the chef, he's a very nice guy. And get the small potatoes. And the home made peanut soup.

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Relax, you'll be all right - where are you from? Of the thousands of restaurants in Kunming there are very few that might be labeled 'not Chinese' - that's a pretty small world. You perhaps have a case of 'new arrival gut' (having been elsewhere in China doesn't solve this, as bacteria etc. do not vary according to political geography). Could just be the local spiciness.

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