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I have stuff sent over quite a bit. The only thing I've had confiscated was vitmains but sweets, chocolate, packet soups/ sauces and other bits and bobs have never been a problem


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We actually stayed the night there and treated ourselves to a suite because it was a special occasion, it was worth it though because we had our own private pool which meant we could avoid the big complex when it was busy. I think it's around 150 for a day pass but watch out for the onsite restaurant, it's pricey and they'lll definitely try to make you order the 168kuai mushrooms!

P.S yes they still have the fish filled pool!



We went for their re-opening after the renovations. The place looks great and the food was delicious. We had the nachos, which were great, an enormous plate piled up with jalapenos, beef, cheese and lots of other tastiness. We also had the pork dish that was on offer and that didn't disappoint either. The service was very friendly and welcoming. The only problem we had was when we tried to order coffee, they didn't know what a macchiato was even though it's on the menu and brought us the wrong thing twice. Lots of sugar added and not very good coffee. However, I would just put this town to staff training and don't see it as a big issue. In fact they were kind enough to take the coffee off the bill for us. Will definitely be back!