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exit flights from china

DanTheMan (600 posts) • 0

@Duke, Isn't Vietnam still banning entry by foreigners anyway? If it was me, I would drag myself down to the entry-exit bureau and plead my case (perhaps I foolishly and mistakenly thought the 30 day extensions were automatic as long as the epidemic situation was still ongoing?).

duke is me (22 posts) • 0

Yes, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Burma, and most other countries are closed anyway.

The FSB needs to address this issue, for those unable to leave & return.

Xiefei (519 posts) • 0

It's PSB, not FSB.

Also, they have addressed the issue, first by giving 60 day automatic extensions, and then by allowing people to apply for consecutive 30 day extensions.

Again, I recommend you go talk to them. Your situation won't get any better by ignoring it.

AlPage48 (1206 posts) • 0

It's not exactly a 30 day extension.

What they're doing is cancelling any existing visas (mine still had 5 years left) and replacing it with a new 30 day S2 visa.

That's going to fill up my passport with a lot of visas before I can actually get out.

When I was at the PSB on Monday I mentioned the restriction on international flights till October.

They were not aware of it.

The police officer on duty said we'll talk more on my next visit in 4 weeks to see if we can get something longer than 30 days.

bubblyian (38 posts) • 0

"Restrictions expected to last until next year"

"Given the pandemic's continuing impact, Bhaskaran said relaxation of restrictions on cross-border travel, especially for tourism, remains uncertain. And the travel restrictions, which he expects to last till next year, will also make travel less enjoyable, he added."

duke is me (22 posts) • +1

Given that most Asian countries have been Covid-free for a while now, maybe they should focus their policy on regional priorities, rather than that of certain western countries, who hardly addressed the problem, but now waltz around as if they had ?

Open Asian borders!

There won't be anything left in October or next year..

AlPage48 (1206 posts) • 0

I have read in Thai news that they are considering the idea of "tourist bubbles", which is opening up to select nearby countries.

Right at this moment the talk is between Thailand and Vietnam, but both are still shut down to all but their own citizens.

Haali (1155 posts) • 0

thanks joming, though with 1 flight a week, prices will surely be astronomical (and foreigners won't be allowed back until perhaps October), But good for people who really need to go abroad.

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