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exit flights from china

rejected_goods (328 posts) • 0

better be quick to jump on one of those flights as from june 16, US will ban all china airlines from entering US if the chinese does not give US airlines green lights to resume flights to China.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

This means that as of Jun. 16th you have to go to another country like South Korea, Japan, etc. and then fly to the USA. I'm guessing.

joming (11 posts) • 0

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) posted a new announcement today in response to above US ban on Wednesday:

"Foreign airlines that were barred from China due to the earlier restriction will be allowed to resume operating one flight per week into China starting June 8. It said airlines would be limited to flying on routes where they were already licensed to fly, and could choose from a list of Chinese cities provided by the CAAC.

It added that it would provide incentives for airlines to screen out passengers carrying the Covid-19 virus, and punish those that did not.

It said airlines that went for three consecutive weeks without anyone testing positive for Covid-19 on their flights would be allowed to operate a second weekly flight into China. Conversely, any airline that operated a flight with five or more passengers testing positive would be suspended from operating flights for a week. Airlines with 10 or more passengers testing positive on a single flight would be suspended for four weeks."


rejected_goods (328 posts) • 0

Not flying out direct from China? you would have to add 14 days at each connecting port before you can fly out to your final destination. Bummer.

joming (11 posts) • 0

"Delta has received approval from Shanghai govt to resume flights [...] from June 18, a company spokeswoman said on Monday, paving the way for the carrier to resume services to China after months of suspension due to COVID-19.

Delta has filed an application to operate two weekly flights from Seattle to Shanghai via Seoul, it said.

It is still awaiting for the decision from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on how many flights it can resume and when it can do so, the airline said."[...]

AlPage48 (1206 posts) • 0

Two flights per week doesn't fit with the current "five finger" policy which would limit flights to one per week until October.

Rules keep changing though.

All of Shanghai's active Covid-19 cases are "import abroad" so that fact may impact the final decision.[...]

joming (11 posts) • 0

You're right, rules keep changing.

"The United States and China will each allow four weekly flights between the two countries, the U.S. Transportation Department said on Monday, easing a standoff on travel restrictions in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic...

Following China's agreement to allow four U.S. flights total, Delta said it would operate two flights to Shanghai from Seattle next week and once weekly flights from Seattle and Detroit beginning in July, all via Seoul.

United said it was aiming to re-launch service to China in the weeks ahead."[...]

AlPage48 (1206 posts) • 0

Oh great.

That's flights increasing, but what about the restriction on foreigners entering China or USA?

If those restrictions are not removed then it can only be American citizens flying over and Chinese citizens flying back.

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