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exit flights from china

AlPage48 (1352 posts) • 0

Just read this in other news from Thailand:
"Anyone planning to travel to China needs to contact their nearest Chinese embassy, ​​with a written confirmation that they have tested negative for Covid-19, and request a declaration of health status."

That sounds a bit complex too.

duke is me (61 posts) • 0

Today, 22-07, the US ordered the closure of the Chinese embassy at Houston Texas..
Will counter-sanctions against the US include travel bans?

Anything seems likely, and travellers will only be collateral damage in this american act of craziness..

AlPage48 (1352 posts) • 0

It's true that China and every other country do not have embassies in Houston. What's being forced to close is the consulate, and that's a remote branch of the embassy which is in Washington.

In some countries there is no linguistic difference between embassy and consulate.


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