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Having arrived and orbited Mars for three months now, the mythological God of Fire, Zhurong Mars rover/lander, will detach from Tianwen-1 orbiter spacecraft and attempt to land on the Martian surface. Perhaps very soon. Wishing CNSA the best of luck in this nerve-racking moment of truth "seven minutes of terror" as NASA would call it.

For more details on the mission:[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

USA mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna approved by USFDA being rolled out for vulnerable groups in the West are inherently different from Chinese vaccines (e.g. Sinovac and Sinopharm) that use dead, truncated, or broken viral particles instead to "teach" our immune systems though Chinese versions currently are not recommended for inoculating recipients over 60ish years old, or young children. Always seek second and third opinions from health experts. Best of health to your wife and to Geezer.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any marathons in Yunnan in November/December?

How does the online format Marathon work?

Michael's link and other news sites don't touch on specifics.

Do participants Zoom themselves running around their living room table thousands of time like one comrade did during the lockdown?

On a treadmill?

Outdoor runners live streaming themselves individually or in groups, to be broadcasted by the SCO in a real-time collage similar to the audience of the NBA bubble?



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Having contacted Lugu Lake government portals on WeChat and verified again by telephone, they now officially accept foreign travelers. On paper, they denied entry of foreigners a while back due to the pandemic.

One-way direct flight from Kunming to Lugu Lake via Lucky Air ranges from $220 to $290 (excluding $50 airport taxes) depending on dates. Airport buses to lake bus terminal cost $30/pax, approximately an one hour duration. Other cities that could fly to Lugu Lake besides Kunming are Chongqing and Chengdu.

Lake sightseeing buses that drive around the entire lake, which starts in Yunnan and crosses over to Sichuan Province and back, takes a total of four hours. 2/3 of lake is supposedly in the territory of Sichuan, 1/3 in Yunnan (the more scenic). Two daily departure bus times, once in the morning and once at noon. $60/pax for two-day all-you-can-ride scenic bus pass.

Lugu Lake buses to Lijiang takes approximately four hours, halving the driving time in the past due to new roads.

More details on food vouchers:

Above-mentioned Nanqiang Street is offering 80% off (2) discounted food vouchers. Purchase them on Meituan app.

Two main types of vouchers for each Meituan account:

$6 for $30 voucher used as cash for street stalls/vendors stationed in the middle of Nanqiang Street (and cross-street).

$10 for $50 vouchers for restaurant storefronts flanking them.

To pick-up Nanqiang Street vouchers, visit Nanqiang Street outdoor kiosk located in front of the head of train. Servicing from 10am through 5pm daily. Present to staff your Meituan purchase(s) via phone, and they'll hand you the vouchers.

Voucher expiration date: October 31, 2020

For more details, their WeChat official account (昆明南强街卷) will list participating vendors/restaurants. Scroll down to their 7/25/20 post titled "去爱吧"

On Meituan app, search for the words, "南强街美食天地代金卷" to purchase.

GoK listing for Nanqiang Street:[...]

To bigger and better pastures for Vera... whereever your long-distance cycling adventures take you.

Thank you for all your featured article contributions. Foreigners in Kunming & beyond greatly appreciate your dedicated updates during the covid onslaught.

A few days ago on June 30, Yang Liping officially unveiled her Yunnan Dali Grand Theater (杨丽萍大剧院) to the world. An architectural feat of beauty. She may not pass on her legacy in blood, but definitely in her artistic spirit.

Some pictures:[...][...][...][...][...]


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