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Forums > Food & Drink > The Impossible Burger is coming to China...

Alibaba’s Hema/盒马/Freshippo supermarket chain in Shanghai (50 store locations) will start selling Beyond Meat’s plant-based burger patties this Saturday. To be sold in 48 more Hema locations in Beijing and Hangzhou by September. If test test markets do well, hopefully they will arrive in Kunming in the near future.

Given discovery of new strains of swine flu, alternative meat products may bode well.


Forums > Travel Yunnan > exit flights from china

You're right, rules keep changing.

"The United States and China will each allow four weekly flights between the two countries, the U.S. Transportation Department said on Monday, easing a standoff on travel restrictions in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic...

Following China's agreement to allow four U.S. flights total, Delta said it would operate two flights to Shanghai from Seattle next week and once weekly flights from Seattle and Detroit beginning in July, all via Seoul.

United said it was aiming to re-launch service to China in the weeks ahead."


Forums > Travel Yunnan > exit flights from china

"Delta has received approval from Shanghai govt to resume flights [...] from June 18, a company spokeswoman said on Monday, paving the way for the carrier to resume services to China after months of suspension due to COVID-19.

Delta has filed an application to operate two weekly flights from Seattle to Shanghai via Seoul, it said.

It is still awaiting for the decision from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on how many flights it can resume and when it can do so, the airline said."


Forums > Study > What are you reading?

The topic of Myanmar's current situation might get tidied up by tidy the tiger. Tread lightly vera. ;)


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A few days ago on June 30, Yang Liping officially unveiled her Yunnan Dali Grand Theater (杨丽萍大剧院) to the world. An architectural feat of beauty. She may not pass on her legacy in blood, but definitely in her artistic spirit.

Some pictures:







Fantastic news, Vera. July has arrived. We as a community need to do our part as eyes and ears to protect our wildlife kin. By reporting any illegal solicitation, trade, and consumption of banned wildlife around town. Within Kunming, there exists visible, high-end shops as well as restaurants (operating inconspicuously) without proper license that serve to niche clientele high mark-up wildlife menus touting "nutritious" value without evidence-based backing. These establishments need to given a warning. Change happens not by sitting quietly on sideline, but with active engagement by the masses. Now the proposed ban inching toward an enforceable regulation in Yunnan, whistleblowers seeking to expose these illegal business activities ought to receive backing by central, provincial, city, and district government officials.

Comes with the territory of being a celebrity. Open book, and open to criticisms, however unjustified or unfair those may be.

In previous interviews Yang Liping has admitted regrets for not having a child of her own. Though it is well documented she has always treated her niece, Xiao Caiqi (小彩旗) who is now 20 years old, as her own daughter. Yang Liping's heiress apparent to the peacock princess succession whom she trained since young.

Some photos of them:


11 years since Chris Horton's piece on China's plan to construct eight dams, a recent study by the US government funded research & consulting company Eyes on Earth Inc. reported that "according to satellite data 11 Chinese dams held back water at a time when China had higher-than-average levels - while levels downstream were at their lowest in over 50 years."


As previously mentioned by Chris, SE Asian nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos had own plans to build dams along the Mekong and tributaries. All were competing for pieces of the pie, despite potential biodiversity fallout. So it doesn't come as surprise the inter-governmental body of The Mekong River Commission (which consists of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand) responded that the above-mentioned study conducted by Eyes on Earth Inc. "did not prove that the withholding of water caused the drought" in the lower Mekong basin.

The Chinese government argues low rainfall during last year's monsoon season on China's portion of the river. The ministry said "Yunnan province saw serious drought last year and reservoir volumes at China's dams on the river fell to their historically lowest levels."

While US based "satellite measurements of 'surface wetness' in China's Yunnan province, through which the Upper Mekong flows, suggest the region in 2019 actually had slightly above-average combined rainfall and snowmelt during the May to October wet season."


Who's telling the truth? Difficult to know fore sure these days as the US and China jostle for hegemonic control for global influence on all foreseeable fronts. From WHO/pandemics, 5G technology of Huawei, South China Sea, to the Mekong.


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