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Forest fire in the North

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

If you are up for a scary/awesome sight and have access to a roof then the mountains to the north of Bei shi qu are on fire. It looks contained to 2 hills so hopefully noone will get hurt.

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

I saw the smoke, quite impressive, it seemed like a forest /brush fire by the colour of the smoke.
Do residential building fires happen in China ? What building could burn?

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I live in northwest Kunming. On Friday most of the fire was on the northwest side of the mountains. But with the heavy winds it was spreading fast on the other side also.

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

A lot of smoke around today but cannot see any fires. Wonder if there is another one north of Kunming somewhere?

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

Yeah, I saw two separate plumes of smoke on the mountains to the west yesterday. I hear that one of the fires was in the forest near the bamboo temple.

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

Chinese news says there were at least three fires in the mountains yesterday, with the largest two on the peak above bamboo temple and a patch of forest on the western hill.

coonilicious (8 posts) • 0

As scary/awesome as it may have seemed, the drought is pretty terrible now. Quite a lot villages surrounding the city already have lost water supply, which makes me wonder when that will happen in the city.

Elisa (174 posts) • 0

On our flight to Nanchang two days ago, we flew over about 15 forest fires. One was huge, one medium, and lots of very small ones. I wonder what they look like now...

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