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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Tourists

Has anyone noticed the Chinese news past 2 days about a Chinese kid carving his name on ancient Egyptian relief when he visited Egypt with his parents.

It was quite gruesome to see the big ugly"so and so was here" carved on the sculpture inside of the Luxor temple. People are saying that Chinese have this general obsession to carve their names on wooden or rocky surfaces of archeological sites, temples etc is due to the Monkey King doing the same on Buddha's finger in the book Journey to the West. Speaking about bad, ancient influence! Haha.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sundy 5/26 Police Presence at ZhengYi Lu

Maybe it was some kind of "intimidation" show for refinery protesters.

It got on the Chinese webs news yesterday that not only the local gummint is requiring id and phone #s for purchasing medical masks, but also for plain t-shirts and printing stuff.

This South Asia Expo is hosted by the PRC dept. of commerce and Yunnan gummint. Is really nothing big of a deal.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming International Clinic

Could anyone please tell me if this clinic offer any kind of ob/gyn services or consultation? How do you know if the doctors are qualified, is there a web page to see their qualifications etc?

Forums > Living in Kunming > having a baby in kunming

For Hubs and I when we firstly got married in China, the paperwork had to be certified and notarized, and kept record at the embassy so when your child is born in China, the embassy can look up the record and find your consistent information.

I do know a few people doing this "dual citizenship" trick with their kids though. My cousin gave birth to her son in Europe but when they came visit they went to the local Paichusuo and asked for her son to be added to her parents' hukou here and the police did it without questioning them anything. Interestingly I think the foreign agencies and the Chinese police don't share information and people here are just too lazy to care.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

Hahaha it is pretty funny(I'm being sarcastic)to see the topic heating up just like ANYWHERE else on the web but let's not forget about a few facts:

1. This dude was dressed up in professional military ballistic full body outfit. He planned this for months purchasing weaponry and ammo. You average hunting enthusiasts really think you can pull out your gun fast enough in a DARK movie theater confronting him, who has calculated his plans and has bullet-proof outfit just IN CASE people with guns fire at him? Guys, among the dead, 2 were military guys in active duty, if they didn't even have time to react, you really think you are gonna save the world super hero?

2. all the pro-gun people will talk about the 2nd Amendment blah blah their right and stuff, ok, I will use someone else's word on the internet — If you want to take advantage of the Constitution made in the 18th century, might as well be allowed to only use a gun made in the 18th century. Using AR-15 with the 100 round drum magazine shooting at the speed of 50 to 60 bullets a minute, and ALL PURCHASED legally. Tell me what freaking hunting needs something like this?

Lastly, Michael Bloomberg for President! Who is the only honest, daring, non-hypocrite politician who speaks out loud against the out of control gun problem in America. Mr. Bloomberg is pretty hella rich, he doesn't need NRA's lobbying to make his career. Ha.


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