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Snapshot: SheLeads summer meetup

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On the last day of July, about 70 women gathered in the Sofitel Voyage bar for the second meetup of SheLeads x Kunming. The first SheLeads x Kunming meetup happened in May 2019. That was a pretty formal affair, with talks by local leading ladies.

This time around, it was a casual gathering in the pleasant surroundings of the 50th floor of Sofitel, overlooking the Kunming skyline.

The Covid-19 situation threw a temporary spanner in the works of SheLeads x Kunming, halting their planned activities. This meeting was a light-hearted reconnoitre between the Chengdu organisation and their Kunming peers. Founders Anita (赖世雯) and Jin (王重锦) gave a short talk about SheLeads and later on handed out presents in a lucky draw.

GoKunming co-hosted the event and Yereth Jansen, CEO of GoKunming's parent company CloudBridge, gave a short speech.

Ms Ruan Jingping of Yingke Law Firm delivered a speech that detailed the particular challenges that she had to face on her journey towards a successful career as a business woman in China.

Vera van de Nieuwenhof has been the SheLeads ambassador for Kunming since the launch last year and also gave a short talk — officially announcing her departure as GoKunming editor-in-chief and the launch of her own company as a cultural producer. Check out WenLan for more info about her future (ad)ventures.

Founded in 2018, SheLeads has been developed from a two-person conversation into a platform that has thousands of online active members.

In 2019, SheLeads x Kunming was launched.

SheLeads is an empowering network and platform, by and for professional women in China. The aim is to foster positive relationships and mutual learning.

SheLeads also emphasizes the role of female leaders in professional careers through a mentorship program. Some of the previous mentors are Lisa Renkin, the deputy commissioner for Victoria in China, Eleanor Bedford, the Director of Programming of the US Peace Corps and Cindy Ma, regional manager of Ladies Who Tech Chengdu.

The activities from SheLeads range from casual networking social meetups such as the one last Friday, discussions and keynote talks — which continued online during the Covid-19 lockdown — to an annual SheLeaders Summit.

This year, the SheLeaders Summit will happen in the weekend of September 26 and 27, in Chengdu. More information about the program can be found on the official SheLeads WeChat account: search for WeChat ID gh_66d875e436d1 to find out more.

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Vera - enjoyed your tenure with gokm. Wish you the best on your next endeavor.

To bigger and better pastures for Vera... whereever your long-distance cycling adventures take you.

Thank you for all your featured article contributions. Foreigners in Kunming & beyond greatly appreciate your dedicated updates during the covid onslaught.

Thank you! I've found it an interesting and enlightening experience. Much love to all of the (Go)Kunming community and I'm looking forward to connecting with you in new and different ways. I'll continue to contribute articles but will focus on my own cultural exchange projects. Thanks again for the well-wishes.

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