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Any marathons in Yunnan in November/December?

TheSmiddy (12 posts) • 0

At the start of this year I couldn't even run a single km without stopping and today I just ran a sub 2 hour half marathon. It would be nice to finish the year with an official full marathon to mark the achievement!

I've searched around and can't really find anything happening. I'm sure covid is also preventing events from being run as well. Might just need to do a virtual one on strava or something.

joming (23 posts) • +1

Perhaps this isn't what you trained for, but the 60km and 100km Baoshan-Lujiang Xinzhai Gaoligong Mountain Yunnan ultramarathon is scheduled for November 21.

Sign up registration ends in six days on 10/25.

For more details:


Though it seems there are no more Yunnan races left this year if you haven't registered, neighboring provinces are holding races next month and sign up still open for the following...


Half-marathon race scheduled for 11/8/2020



Trail run (19km/35km divisions) on 11/4


21km run on 11/14


Trail run (10km/18km/30km/50km/100km divisions) on 11/21



Half-marathon race on 11/15/2020


TheSmiddy (12 posts) • 0

Oh wow! Literally posted today. That sounds perfect.

And thanks for all the info Joming. As you guessed, not quite what I'm looking for but will keep in mind for next year. Always good to know the adjacent possibles.

joming (23 posts) • 0

How does the online format Marathon work?

Michael's link and other news sites don't touch on specifics.

Do participants Zoom themselves running around their living room table thousands of time like one comrade did during the lockdown?

On a treadmill?

Outdoor runners live streaming themselves individually or in groups, to be broadcasted by the SCO in a real-time collage similar to the audience of the NBA bubble?


TheSmiddy (12 posts) • +2

You download a run tracker app like Strava, Mi Fit or Runkeeper and use the GPS in that to track your run. This does mean you will need to run with your phone on you or a GPS enabled smart watch.

It looks like the SCO marathon Michael posted will be providing their own application for the run. Will have to wait for them to actually provide details though. Guessing their app might provide real time updates to spectators so friends and family can follow along and see how you're tracking.

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