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Forums > Living in Kunming > Let's talk about vpn!

Mine works fine (as always) Sorry, I will not post further info.

I will hint.... Don't be a cheap charlie- Pay for your VPN and see how that works for you.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Selling broken electronics

I "smash up" working electronics every few years and buy new again so I don't have surprises down the road.
Right now I have an expensive Denon media/AV amp that is 5+ years old. I just bought a new Denon 4400 AVR and my old one will get "smashed".
PC's and laptops-same deal. Max life I give these is 3 years. Working or not, they all get trashed and I replace them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Clearing the table

I didn't mention this to get into a pissing contest about Americans, French or Chinese.
I simply was curious about the mindset, suggesting it was a "face" thing. I've lived here 15 years now, and frankly I learned a long time ago not to be bothered by much at all (anywhere). I can well deal with the many curiosities that befall Chinese culture. Some people on here should chill out and stop being so defensive. (Probably a symptom of not able handle their own living in China.)

With that said, let me assure you I could give a rats ass what the French think of Americans.


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I've been here 8 years. I would say that Kunming would only be an average pick for a location to live in China. Yunnan is a great province for enjoying "natural China", so by default that means living in Kunming.

Sadly, the expansion and changes here have been mostly negative. Unplanned construction, pollution, traffic, local corruption continues unchecked in Kunming. This really knocks down Kunming as a preferred destination for anyone. This poll sounds like just another sham to attract tourists to this area.

My optimistic belief is that in 7-10 years Kunming will settle down and tweak itself into a front runner city for living. It has a way to go at it's present state. I'll be patient and continue to live here and wait and see. To that end, I'm moving out to Chonggong where I bought property. Living IN the city is not that great. I often travel out of here, and so Kunming is an ideal base for that. If I had to stay here (and work) on a daily basis, that would be a very hard pill to swallow.

Now with the new petrochemical plant firing up.........that may well squash any chance of "Kunming" and "natural beauty" being used in the same sentence.

In the meantime I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.



Crap, evil, liars, unprofessional, expensive, no customer service comes to mind when I think of B&Q.


I have to agree with splitopen. This place is not worth the long drive to get there whatsoever. Crazy expensive and the play is boring. It looks thrown together and poorly built. The employees are rude. They obviously don't like their jobs. For the prices they charge, it is a rip off. I give it a few months before Hello! Haigeng Minigolf Park is just a memory.

Dr Doom, This is not the US so, yes, 40 kuai IS too much! Next time your are there, count how many Chinese customers they have. This business seems to promote an elitist attitude which I do not care for. A foreign owned business setting pricing to exclude locals is not a place I would support.

BTW, it was open in Nov, and it sounds like your are the one who owns this place......pretty lame.


The food is expensive with small portions. Quality is poor and the service is not so good. I think the servers are not happy working there which shows in their attitude. I would not recommend this place at all.