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Haigeng Park getting facelift

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One of the Spring City's largest parks is getting a makeover. Haigeng Park is currently undergoing renovations that will last more than a year, Yunnan Info is reporting.

The series of projects around the 102-acre park are one small part of the municipal government's provocatively-named "3015 Action Plan" (3015计划). A groundbreaking ceremony was held November 29 at Haigeng Park and construction is scheduled to be completed in early 2014. There are no plans to close the park but areas will be cordoned off to visitors while work is in progress.

Upgrades are planned in several stages beginning with the remodelling of existing restaurants and cafes. The park will add facilities for new restaurants and bars lining a lakeside boulevard. Plans also call for new roads and walking paths to be built. Haigeng's drive-in cinema will be expanded and the movie screen enlarged.

A "performing arts water center" (水上演艺中心) is to be built as well. Although the announcement lacked for details, it appears the facilities will be a larger version of the musical fountain installed earlier this year at Green Lake Park.

Haigeng Park offers panoramic views of Xishan that are often marred by the pea green water of Dianchi Lake. Perhaps the most ambitious part of the 3015 Action Plan is an effort to prevent all wastewater from businesses and residential areas within a 2.5 kilometer buffer zone from flowing into Dianchi Lake.

This is the newest effort to rehabilitate the long-suffering lake. Previous attempts to curb the lake's eutrophication have included, among other things, pumping ozone into the lake and introducing an invasive plant species.

The 3015 Action Plan is a sprawling set of goals issued two months ago by city leaders. It includes economic objectives, development targets and infrastructure and beautification projects such as the Haigeng Park renovation.

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It's nice to see the city making efforts to preserve/improve its green spaces. There are so few parks large enough to throw a frisbee around in. Would have loved to have seen the Nov. 31 groundbreaking ceremony — for some reason, I have no recollection of what I did that day...


I would think that building more cafes lakeside will do little to preserve the green areas.

Generally walking, playing on the grass is not permitted in most Chinese parks.

Don't worry about missing the ground breaking ceremony. Seen one, seen them all. Big platform with long red dressed table. Lots of flowers, lots of people in suits.
Long wait, photo calls, followed by even longer self congratulatory or self promoting speeches, the whole thing can take 3 or more hours. Then a few people go over to mound of earth sticking up out of a red carpet, pick up a shovel and 'break' the ground where a back hoe did the job earlier.

Then they light lots of fireworks and there is a band with drums and cymbals making a terrible racket.

The dignitaries then go off for lunch, and an army of workers pick up the litter.

I wouldn't want to play frisbee in a park on the grass if there's no pooper scooper laws and fine enforcement. I don't want to end up with a load of shit under my sneakers.

want to know when the water in Dianchi can have a thorough "facelift",

... I think some people are missing the signifance of the date of the ground-breaking ceremony!

@Ocean: changed. Thanks for the correction.


I for one am missing the significance.

@ Dazzer
It was originally listed as Nov 31st, hence @geosax's initial comment about not being able to recollect what he was doing that day ("Thirty days hath November...")

Not in your lifetime.

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