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  • NameHello! Haigeng Minigolf Park
    Hello! 海埂迷你高尔夫公园
  • AddressKunming Haigeng Sports Center, 57 Hubin Lu, Haigeng, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 4614337
  • FAX(0871) 5361387
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Was here with the Dutch organized Queens party. Golf course is nice but, far from central Kunming. Furthermore a friendly and helpfull staff, good drink selection and child friendly. Nice to go for a half-day with a group of friends.


We went there last week and did now know what to expect.

We ended up having a great evening. We were the only people there and they stayed open just for us.

We could mix out own Gin Tonics because the staff did not know how to do it.

I will absolutely go back there, especially in the evening with a nice group of friends.
And I think they did a nice job on this course. I really liked it.


Great date or family spot!

We were a little concerned as to whether it'd be worth the drive (especially because some of the bad reviews on here), but looking for something different tried it out anyway. We weren't disappointed!!

We did mini-golf and ice cream. Next time we might plan more time and do the two courses for 60 kuai, but as it was we enjoyed our hour of 2-person mini-golfing (40kuai each). Of course, with a group it would last much longer.

The staff was very attentive but not to the point of following us around. One Chinese man in particular spoke great English, and offered his help if needed.

Everything is obviously new, painted in bright colors, and there are several fun elements to the various holes like a jump over water, the typical pipes, a 'cave', waterfall, etc.

One bus stops right in front of the entrance, though we took a different route and didn't mind the walk. Someone with better attention to detail could tell you the route numbers.

Overall, we'd do it again! Great fun at a reasonable price.


Comeon bucko and splitopen, 40 kuai outrageous? That's less than in the US(usually $6+), and the second round is half price and it is twice the facility of any place in the US. It has 2 bars and a full restaurant where every other minigolf I have been to has only a bag of chips and a snickers bar for sale. When I went one of the staff kept score for me and gave me tips on getting a hole in one. Food prices are on par with Wei Lin Jie and the staff was quite nice. Its completely new and clean, with perhaps the cleanest bathrooms in Kunming. Sounds like someone has issues since you posted back in november before it was open.

Dosen't sound like you have been there bucko...

No, I don't own the place but I have actually been there... I know it opened in december because they said it opened in december when i went there in december. Just ask Barry


now look, i know i may have been completely drunk, but i always am! i know good bars, and i know good turf which doesn't hurt to fall down on. come play a round of minigolf for the price of a nice stiff beverage, you'll love it!