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  • NameHello! Haigeng Minigolf Park
    Hello! 海埂迷你高尔夫公园
  • AddressKunming Haigeng Sports Center, 57 Hubin Lu, Haigeng, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 4614337
  • Fax(0871) 5361387
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bucko or"_"ucko

Watch Your Language

if u don't have any money [40 yuan]

please shut your ass up ok?


I have to agree with splitopen. This place is not worth the long drive to get there whatsoever. Crazy expensive and the play is boring. It looks thrown together and poorly built. The employees are rude. They obviously don't like their jobs. For the prices they charge, it is a rip off. I give it a few months before Hello! Haigeng Minigolf Park is just a memory.

Dr Doom, This is not the US so, yes, 40 kuai IS too much! Next time your are there, count how many Chinese customers they have. This business seems to promote an elitist attitude which I do not care for. A foreign owned business setting pricing to exclude locals is not a place I would support.

BTW, it was open in Nov, and it sounds like your are the one who owns this place......pretty lame.


I never tried minigolf before but went with friends and it was fun, until start to rain at the end. I think the price is good, costs a little more than a movie but more fun. I came wednesday and at night and it was full of college students doing speed dating. That was fun to watch too!


Not like anything, anywhere. We played mini golf and had some nice Thai food and a bottle of Argentinean white wine while listening to the waterfalls. I thought the prices were fair. The staff was nice and they have a few English speakers. Will be going again soon. Oh yeah, I can confirm it is 40 RMB. Doesn't seem expensive to me, especially considering the high quality. Way better than mini golf in the States.