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Forums > Travel Yunnan > organic farms?

I keep hearing that there are several organic farms around Yunnan but I haven't had much luck with Google to find info on any but HaoBao. Anyone know contact or other details for any other organic farms? I've heard there's an olive farm, somewhere doing organic veggies called "Agape", and I think GoKunming here has sufficient details on Haobao. We have a car so transportation isn't a big deal.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sending things to China from abroad - custom duties?

I should add that this includes a package with a Wii (though that was 2 years ago) and that I receive several packages a year even now and have still never been asked to pay.

Some people theorize it is this way to encourage use of the government-run post and discourage the private companies from having a large market share in China. I have no idea how credible that idea is.


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Great date or family spot!

We were a little concerned as to whether it'd be worth the drive (especially because some of the bad reviews on here), but looking for something different tried it out anyway. We weren't disappointed!!

We did mini-golf and ice cream. Next time we might plan more time and do the two courses for 60 kuai, but as it was we enjoyed our hour of 2-person mini-golfing (40kuai each). Of course, with a group it would last much longer.

The staff was very attentive but not to the point of following us around. One Chinese man in particular spoke great English, and offered his help if needed.

Everything is obviously new, painted in bright colors, and there are several fun elements to the various holes like a jump over water, the typical pipes, a 'cave', waterfall, etc.

One bus stops right in front of the entrance, though we took a different route and didn't mind the walk. Someone with better attention to detail could tell you the route numbers.

Overall, we'd do it again! Great fun at a reasonable price.