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organic farms?

yn.travel (8 posts) • 0

I keep hearing that there are several organic farms around Yunnan but I haven't had much luck with Google to find info on any but HaoBao. Anyone know contact or other details for any other organic farms? I've heard there's an olive farm, somewhere doing organic veggies called "Agape", and I think GoKunming here has sufficient details on Haobao. We have a car so transportation isn't a big deal.

ethniceast (33 posts) • 0

What i know is that Haobao does have china's organic certification.
I too would like to know who and where else are the "organic farms" in yunnan; would appreciate someone listing the names, addresses and numbers to contact

kalikali (1 post) • 0

I don't know about Yunnan, but here are some Sichuan adresses I got out of a magazine. They might be able to tell you about Yunnan organic farms. I copy from the magazine:
Wenjingyuan Organic Farm, Qiquan Town of Chongzhou City, (028)8238-0478,400-612-5700
Jiutian Family Farm, Lianyu Village, Jinqiao Town, Shuangliu County, (028)8572-3085, 13808002921
Sunshine Earth Organic Farm, Xingyi Town, Xinjin County, Chengdu
Anlong Village, Ande Town, Pi County, 15828581360 (in the village, the Gao farming family is supposed to be the representive of local organic farming).
Chengdu Sunyuki Organic food Co., has product bases in Dujiangyan, Shuangliu, Pengzhou, Jintang and Xichang, 400-6828-300.
Hope this helps. If you find anything about Yunnan, let us all know!

munken83 (27 posts) • 0

I know this is an old post, but I also keep hearing about several organic farms around kunming!!! can anyone provide a list of the different farms??

yurith (2 posts) • 0

I have a neighbor who has one, I haven't been there, but I think she has fruits at least, why do you need it? I can ask her if she wants me to give you her contact but I'll have to tell her the reason.

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

There are many so-called and some real organic farms and growers in Yunnan. We can start a debate thread about what is "organic" in this thread or another and by who's standards is it "organic". Or start another thread about about clean and safe foods and places to get same.
In Yunnan, I am in contact with Hao Bao and asked them for more information. They invested 100's of millions of rmb and produce a lot of veggies. There are a lot of Blueberry companies like WanJiahuan and NewBerry Co.. Yunnan Qingmei AG Science, Yunnan Green AG science and Tech or Qing Meiyuan Vegetables are a few more veggie Co's. The Kunming Wuhua AG and Forestry Bureau has a list of AG companies. Salvadors, Sujixiang and Yes Natural are safer foods restaurants some veggie. I have a lot more information some is subjective.

b galipeau (42 posts) • 0

Salvador's weekly organic vegetable delivery which we have used for a long time when we are in Kunming does not come from Haobao but another farm in the same area that Colin has set up the program with. They used to use Haobao but he explained switched because they were raising their prices too high. The farm they use now is I believe the same one that grows all of their organic roma tomatoes. If you'd like more info on the farm itself I'd suggest stopping by Sal's and inquiring.

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