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Forums > Food & Drink > A good hamburger?

My personal favorite burgers are from Salvador's, Prague Cafe in Beichen and Sandra's, if she is doing burgers on her BBQ nights.

The meat quality is more than questionable at most places. And for a good hamburger this is all what should count.

Making your own burger is a good idea. It is simple and easy and you can also easily bake your own buns. I disagree with Geezer, the Wicker Basket bun's are not good.

Anyway, enjoy making or having them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fake Ikea store

I absolutly agree with Beizhan.

If there would be no "fake" stores, only the real stuff, everybody would complain about high prices.

Forums > Food & Drink > where to buy good red wine

Honestly, a bottle of wine, bought in China for under 60 yuan can also be bought for less than one Dollar or Euro in cheap discounter in the States or Europe.

And those wines are far away from beeing good.

I mean, I understand not everybody can afford decent wines all the time. When I was a student I also drank a lot of cheap wine, but more for the purpose of getting drunk, not to enjoy it.
I just wish there would be a little bit different wine culture grow here.

Where are the people who know good wines and who are maybe interested in wine tastings.
Anybody interested?


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I tried the food recently and it was average. Not more, not less. No place where I would go for food anyway.

It is a Game Cafe and for the games the place is nice. But the drink selection is poor, I agree with Master Shake.
I love playing board games but the only reason why I don't go there more often are the drinks. If I play board games with friends, I prefer having a good glass of wine and some simple snacks. If they would have some (or maybe just one) good wine I might go back.


We went there last week and did now know what to expect.

We ended up having a great evening. We were the only people there and they stayed open just for us.

We could mix out own Gin Tonics because the staff did not know how to do it.

I will absolutely go back there, especially in the evening with a nice group of friends.
And I think they did a nice job on this course. I really liked it.


On a sunny afternoon we decided to give The Silver Spoon another try, even though we were very disappointed the last time we went there.
Unfortunatelly nothing changed for the better.
The mozarella sticks we ordered were still frozen in the middle.
A chicken sandwich we ordered was done with very old chicken breast. looked like they prepared it a longer while ago and it was sitting somewhere and dried out. The outside was so dry, it was almost impossible to chew it.
But the burger was worse. We ordered a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. It came without Blue Cheese and the burger was hard like a brick stone. Even with a knife and fork it was impossible to cut it.

That was not fresh meat (also they write on the menu the meat comes from New Zealand, but it is chinese meat), the burger was fried, frozen and refried.

I complained and they offered to do a fresh burger for me, but I got the same brick stone burger again.

I remember The Silver Spoon doing the best burgers in town, but those times are long gone.....


I have been eating at Salvadors many many times.

And my main reasons for coming back all the time is very simple. They really care for good quality ingredients and the staff is always nice and friendly!

But the best for me: The Shipwreck, I so love this coffee!


After reading all those nice reviews we were very looking forward to see this place. But we were very disappointed.
The place was not at all comfortable.

And everything we saw on display made us not buying anything. Everything was wrapped very tight in transparent plastic foil and was not appealing to us.

Not a place where we want to sit and have food.