Gemen is a unique hybrid between a bistro and a board-game club.

Come discover or rediscover why we have such a good reputation with our chinese customers.

We have two locations to eat, drink and play — Wenlin Jie and Wenhua Xiang.

Our Wenlin Jie location features two storeys and a nice terrace to sit out in the sun.


Our selection includes:
- Huge Salads
- Savoury French Pancakes
- Quiches
- Toast Sandwiches
- Omelettes
- 12" italian Pizza
- Traditional baked dishes (i.e. shepherd's pie)

We have vegetarian options in all categories.


- 100% fresh fruit pure juices
- Milkshakes, Tea, Coffee etc...
- 18 Mocktails, some original creations!
- Cocktails, including Jen's big Long Island Ice Tea and our Irish Coffee
- 27 different Beers
- Cheapest Belgian Beer in the street !!!
- Don't forget our Beer Day & Friday Happy Hour


- Bluffing, scheming, backstabbing: a unique and social night out
- Over 200 different board-games
- Don't miss Scrabble night, cheap good beer and free play!
- FREE playing:
— With any Lunch deal (Monday - Friday)
— Monday (student day)
— Tuesday (Beer day)
— Thursday (Scrabble / Tarot)

Listing info
  • NameGemen Game Café (Wenlin Jie)
    格门 (文林街)
  • Address136 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • MOBILE18687180291
  • Phone(0871) 65516190
  • HoursDaily: 11am-2am
  • HAPPY HOURMon-Fri: 11am-7pm
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Gemen Game Café (Wenlin Jie) • 136 Wenlin Jie

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We went there late at night and tried their pizza, tuna salad, soup and beer. They actually ran out of tuna, and the owner kindly offered a discount after serving the salad.
All of the food tasted very good (even though the pizza's shape looked a bit disproportionate). The salad very large. Overall it was affordable.

And we really liked the concept of combining gaming and eating.


Staff is totally under qualified and does not take care of customers the way it should be.
The concept and decoration are nice but how can they imagine getting loyal customers if even simple waitor is not giving the minimum professionnal attitude that is expected.
Go there to play, not to eat.


I was recently chatting with a friend who mentioned a great cozy little place on Wenlin Jie for pizza and salads and before he could say the name, I knew it was Game Cafe.

With a very fairly priced menu, especially the free coffee thrown in with your meal (deal not available Saturdays), it's generally where I find myself on mornings when I want to go out for brunch. I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for a change of scene. Great black pepper chicken sandwich as well.

Met the owner, seems like a generally outgoing and nice dude.

The only criticism is no Axis and Allies in their otherwise extensive selection of board games.

Also, something to keep in mind, the location across from Prague Cafe is undergoing renovations soon. They have another location across from Salvadors which I haven't been to. Can anyone comment?


Eaten here a couple times. Found it to be pretty decent. Prices not too unreasonable, particularly their lunch menu. Sandwiches above average by Asian standards, so relatively speaking good. Manager seemed to care if I enjoyed the food, which, is the main reason I bothered to write this review. I've become so used to indifference it threw me off a little.