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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Anyone been to Nepal? I am going in about two weeks.

It sounds like you have a lot of specifics in mind. You're probably best off buying a guidebook or googling your questions. There is a lot of information out there.

Also asking questions like "Are there taxis to get into like in China?" is more than likely to get you trolled mercilessly on a site like Gokunming.

I don't like touts either, most people don't. Consider their motivation for a moment though. No matter how annoying they are many are locals trying to scrape out a living. Throwing AIDS/Hitler into it is really unnecessary.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Anyone been to Nepal? I am going in about two weeks.

Yeah Kathmandu is not great. Thamel particularly is bad, gives Lijiang a run for its money in terms of disgusting tourist traps. Wouldn't spend a lot of time there.

If you go to Patan you can see people making all the cheap goods sold for inflated prices in Thamel. Kind of interesting.

Would recommend Besisahar and Guansahar — near Annapurna. Specifically Guansahar is amazing — I spent 2 months there. There is no road and no tourist infrastructure but one small guesthouse. Unbelievable view of the mtns, hiking access and the experience of rural Nepal. PM me if you are interested in further details.

Pokhara is great, if a bit commercialized. Its a wonderful country I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Forums > Study > Statement from KCEL about the tuition

The reason this posted across different threads is as far as I can tell KCEL does not have a reviewable profile. If they did I'd have written one and left it at that. My main intent was that in the future when people search gokmg about KCEL my opinion will be there to read. Some have great experiences with them, so people can weigh the good and the bad and make their own decisions.

If I had read a post such as I wrote, perhaps would have reconsidered. At a minimum I might have been better prepared for what was to come. If that came across as bitter... its simply because I was treated poorly there and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe my frustration came through the writing more than I wanted it to. My main intent was not to be vindictive by slandering them online. A certain number of people will dismiss what I say as sour grapes. Thats fine.

I'm not going to backtrack and list all the ways my post was misinterpreted or all the false assumptions made about me. Other than to say I really don't know how some of you got from A to B. I guess I should have expected this from Gokmg. I don't think I'll be posting much in the future. Very little seems to come of any of it.


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Anyone seen the "Zoology water closet" by Dian Chi? Some sort of utility building..but the sign makes me curious about whats really inside

Not Kunming specific but an interesting article nonetheless.[...]

Not to get self righteous. But its pretty disgusting what humans do to their environment... And China is certainly at the forefront of that destruction.

At whatever point a city starts drawing Kathmandu comparisons its not good. Certainly seems whoever is calling the shots around here, is hell bent on ruining a place that used to be nice.



Previous poster has it right, this is one of the best bakeries in Asia, let alone in China.

Whoever runs the place clearly knows what they are doing. Staff is really well trained, friendly and the place is extremely clean. I ate here multiple times, everything I had was excellent. The sandwiches in particular are good.

Maybe if I'm at home I dont give 5 stars...but after months of suffering through Chinese food or overpaying for really bad western food. This place is a dream come true.


Funny that educated man's negative review seems to have been completely drowned out by positive reviews. And a response from the employee he called out.

I stayed at LG awhile back. No complaints. For the price you pay the accommodation is good value. The staff all provided good service in my experience.

Duly noted by everyone the pizza is good. In fact every meal I had was pretty good, minus one salad. Nowhere is perfect. Compared to what else is on offer in Kunming, its hard to beat. Will be back for the food.


Don't really understand all the negative reviews. Maybe things have changed, maybe I got lucky with what I ordered. I dont know.

I'll preface this by saying I've had great Indian food in India, and in the states. Think the meal I had here was fairly respectable. It wasn't great, but it was recognizable as Indian food and the Lassi was good.

It wasn't cheap but the price wasn't too high. Not bad considering there wasn't a south Asian in sight. Also not bad when you glance next door to the Chinese restaurant and see whats being served looks like some type of animal abortion.


Eaten here a couple times. Found it to be pretty decent. Prices not too unreasonable, particularly their lunch menu. Sandwiches above average by Asian standards, so relatively speaking good. Manager seemed to care if I enjoyed the food, which, is the main reason I bothered to write this review. I've become so used to indifference it threw me off a little.