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Kunming to Guangzhou train

Canuck11 (11 posts) • 0

Making a run to gz next week. Not in any hurry so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to take the train. cheaper than flying and perhaps get to see some of the country in between? Anyone done this route — is it at all enjoyable? Its a long way so I thought it worth asking. Thanks.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

I'm also going; but since the flight is only Y200 more, I think it's worth skipping the 24h ride. The nicer part is Kunming through Luoping and into Guangxi after which it's all tunnels and night, depending which train you take. If you don't mind spending time on the train... go for it

cnotes11 (61 posts) • 0

I've done a bit of traveling around lately as well. Can't quite understand transportation prices. Exp Dali to Kunming bus 148 rmb train 60 rmb.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

I use Qunar for ordering flight tickets, and the flight to Guangzhou next week Sunday is 200 RMB more than the train.

Transportation price differences are quite simple, really.

Bus: private = non-govt. subsidised: more money
Train: national = subsidised: cheap

also, in Yunnan, the train will usually take more time because the motorways are generally in a better state than the railways.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • -1

have you seen the highway from Kunming to the north? Its in such a bad state that I doubt any train track could be in such a bad condition.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

May aswell fly. 300RMB tickets are available most days with China Eastern and China Southern. You'll be in Guangzhou in 2 hours that way.

There's no excuse for wasting a day of life on a Chinese (non high speed) train if a flight is available.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Air traffic pollutes. Going/coming from airports maybe Y100, 2hrs.? Add airport bs, arriving early, waiting around etc.? Don't waste a day on the train, read a book, talk to people or look out the window. Ticket price Y350.

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