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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gold 14 / 18 K

You can get something made to order in one of the smaller gold shops just off Nanping road. 14 isn't generally done, 18 is available in all the gold shops here as a rule.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Failed international HS

If you wanted an international school you would just buy the license and start again. If you're buying the school you'd have to settle all the debts for unpaid wages and lost tuition fees, plus whatever else they racked up. In the current climate I think it's far from a safe investment hence why it went bankrupt before someone was willing to take a punt.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Failed international HS

No one is going from these international schools to the top schools. No one can do that without deserving it. But in many countries, the US especially, it's a business and they welcome students who can come, spend time in language courses and foundation levels before getting what they wanted. Students at these kind of schools international have the money to do that and at both ends, no one is really that bothered if they have the knowledge or not.


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Falling down the stairs is less dangerous than falling off a cliff. I would prefer neither fall.

What's dangerous is saying that some drugs are better than others, when no drugs are better than all drugs.

The only people who would push this line of thought would be drug dealers.

""bank operators argue that the face scans will eventually eliminate entirely the need to carry bank cards. "

If carrying a bank card around is too much for you then chances are there's probably not an awful lot to withdraw from your account.

At the same time more fool a plane full of people who when realising this could delay their flight, didn't stick their ore in and say "there's a plane full of people here who have paid money and want to fly to wherever and get on with our days, but we can't because you two shitbags think you're a bit special."

Same goes for the airplane staff, then the security, police have had to get involved in a lovers tiff and the plane has been delayed because no one wanted to do anything outside of their remit.


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