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US Citizen Ballot Requests Before Aug 1st

Napoleon (1187 posts) • +1

The site was pumped full of American flag waving by CIA bots all throughout the last presidential election. Not one subject, no matter how unrelated, didn't end up in a slagging match between right wing fanatics from both camps.

Let's make sure this one goes better, keep your opinions to your ballot papers.

Mildred (14 posts) • 0

The silent majority will see to that Napoleon as they did in 2016...though on a much larger scale.

JanJal (1196 posts) • +1

As a non-US citizen, I'd rather see discussion and/or flag waving (of either or both camps) of American politics on this forum, than not see discussion of local politics or anything even remotely related to it.

LuckyFellow (5 posts) • 0

Whoever you're going to vote for, you should request your ballot by August 1st to be sure you can vote. You may still be able to vote even if you pass that date... but please don't! Each state has its own rules. If you need support, you can ask questions here. However, the sites I posted above are most likely better resources for you.

I agree with some of the messages above that I'd rather not have a bunch of political posts. This is just about helping US Citizens get their ballots in, not our opinions.

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