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Forums > Living in Kunming > US Citizen Ballot Requests Before Aug 1st

Whoever you're going to vote for, you should request your ballot by August 1st to be sure you can vote. You may still be able to vote even if you pass that date... but please don't! Each state has its own rules. If you need support, you can ask questions here. However, the sites I posted above are most likely better resources for you.

I agree with some of the messages above that I'd rather not have a bunch of political posts. This is just about helping US Citizens get their ballots in, not our opinions.

Forums > Food & Drink > Greek Food

@goldie122 With all the bad news going around, my negativity bias must be a bit off. I'm getting all paranoid, haha. In any case, I hope your Western food service does well. I also hope this Greek food comes to town. The last time I got to have good Greek food was over a year ago in HK.

Forums > Food & Drink > Greek Food

I'd be very interested in Greek food here. It's my favorite. Most of the western food here sucks. I haven't been to a single really good western restaurant here. Not one. The best one I've been to was run by some local people, they did a good job. No offence to the western community here since it hard to get the right things you need for certain styles of food.


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