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Chinese reopening border for foreigners?

bubblyian (102 posts) • 0

Just noticed this answer by the foreign ministry spokesman on Monday.....


Zhao Lijian: "The Chinese government has suspended entry for most foreigners holding valid visa or residence permit starting from March 28, but at the same time we've facilitated visa applications of foreign nationals seeking entry for essential economic, trade, scientific and technological activities or out of emergency humanitarian needs. Recently, as the situation has been brought under control in many countries, people are looking forward to making foreign trips. Thus, China is relaxing in an orderly and gradual manner visa restrictions for foreigners entering China to resume economic activities and for other essential purposes. One more point to highlight is that for those who hold valid visa or residence permit but need visa renewal, Chinese embassies and consulates will provide them visa service for free."

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

"relaxing in an orderly and gradual manner".

That does actually make sense, but there's no indication of what that will actually be or when it will be.

For those of us currently getting 30 day extensions there is now the concern that they will stop doing that.

Is there any news on this front?

JanJal (1243 posts) • +1

I think this recent news is about people currently abroad and wanting to come to China, per relaxing protective measures against imported CoVid cases.

As such it does not concern those of us who are already in China.

I believe the 30 day extensions for those stuck in China are/were reasoned not directly by health concerns, but lack of operating flights out of the country.

As more travel in and out of China resumes, so will regular flights, and automatic extensions due to no flights would naturally be stopped in some time frame.

As long as there are no flights out, you only need to show some kind of proof of that, and you're good for extension.

But once there are reasonable flights out, question is what reason does anyone have to remain here without regular visa/RP?

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

As per this announcement from the Chinese Embassy in Denmark:

European nationals with a valid residence permit (for work and certain other purposes) will now be allowed to apply for a new visa to re-enter China. They will still be subject to COVID testing and quarantine requirements.

Those whose residence permits have recently expired are not covered by this announcement as of yet.

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