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The site was pumped full of American flag waving by CIA bots all throughout the last presidential election. Not one subject, no matter how unrelated, didn't end up in a slagging match between right wing fanatics from both camps.

Let's make sure this one goes better, keep your opinions to your ballot papers.

Forums > Food & Drink > Darwin award for bars

You have a nib each in your hand. And you use your nib, from your hand, that comes to you, pre wrapped when the hookah arrives.


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Flying lanterns (孔明灯) certainly aren't Thai, they're very much Chinese. They were mentioned in Ming books and where in Brought to Britain from Hong Kong in the 1920's, but what? They were imported from Thailand now?
I remember seeing an exhibition about them at Hubei museum many a year ago.

Anyways, is this bullfighting just for the festival or is there certain days of the week I can visit and catch a bull fight?


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