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The site was pumped full of American flag waving by CIA bots all throughout the last presidential election. Not one subject, no matter how unrelated, didn't end up in a slagging match between right wing fanatics from both camps.

Let's make sure this one goes better, keep your opinions to your ballot papers.

Forums > Food & Drink > Darwin award for bars

You have a nib each in your hand. And you use your nib, from your hand, that comes to you, pre wrapped when the hookah arrives.


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I saw a bullfight last Monday in Qiubei. Thought it was pretty entertaining and I'd recommend you watch a fight if you ever have the chance. Before the bullfight they had Horse fighting which was also very watchable. Never even considered the concept before.

So what your're saying is that the minority will spoil it for the majority so lets call the whole thing off.

I think its a good idea. You may be a bit paranoid about grades but the businesses will sort this out and it's of no ones benefit for the university to recommend dross. It wants this to be something to have the school stand out against all the northern schools.

If you haven't got the grades then the company will be able to see, judging by this article.

Supposedly this is the best students at the university so companies aren't going to be interested if it isn't and the university isn't going to look good if its putting those forward with bad grades if its saying 'they're our best'.

It sounds like students, the businesses and the university all gain from this. Hats off to the school for doing something different and good luck to the students (so long as they're not after my job)


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