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Forums > Living in Kunming > How do you teach a class of teenagers?

My advice is you may need a CELTA to get the better jobs, work in the middle east (where the money is) or to obtain a visa in some places like Vietnam, Indonesia etc.
Think of the CELTA as an expensive, work intensive way of opening doors for yourself. Once you've got it take what you want from it and forget the rest. It's like driving a car - During the driving course you have to drive like an absolute spaz to conform to the standards laid out by the instructors. After you pass you can drive whatever way suits you best.

Teaching teenagers has to be easier and more fun that kids, surely? Give them some grammar, let them practice and have the aim being that by the end of the class they can add their existing vocab to the formation you've taught. Make sure you work towards the goal of letting them do something interesting with what you've taught them at the end of the class. You're not going to set the world alight playing videos every week or passing them on exams that may be beyond them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What if China and America...

It'll never happen. It would plunge both countries economies into the red. There's a war going gagging in North Korea and Syria and America isnt interested so It certainly would'nt be interested in one with the Chinese. Don't know what everyone is panicking for.


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Here we go. Do you not remember the state of this website last time, every subject no matter how unrelated was hijacked by Americans arguing about who they would vote for.

Didn't see you do the same for the Zimbabwean elections.

Falling down the stairs is less dangerous than falling off a cliff. I would prefer neither fall.

What's dangerous is saying that some drugs are better than others, when no drugs are better than all drugs.

The only people who would push this line of thought would be drug dealers.

""bank operators argue that the face scans will eventually eliminate entirely the need to carry bank cards. "

If carrying a bank card around is too much for you then chances are there's probably not an awful lot to withdraw from your account.


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