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Statement from KCEL about the tuition

teach chinese (1 post) • 0

Dear International Students friend:

I am the principle of Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture
(KCEL), some times ago, there are many comments on the "gokunming" forum that our school will increase the price, which is really not true and not fair for KCEL, I am here now solemnly declare that Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture do not have any plans to increase the tuition, there is not any changes in KCEL now, and the only change we are going to have is that the teachers will become better, the quality of teaching will be higher, and the teaching conditions will be more perfect, as long as you enter KCEL, we are friends, your demand is our work.

As the most professional Chinese language school in Kunming, our school has had more than ten years of history, and the number of the graduated students from our school is above 6000 now, they all come from 70 different countries. And many of them nowadays are doing the job which is related to Chinese and Chinese culture. By the way, our school commit to you, after one semester if you can not improve your Chinese (HSK) two levels higher, we will pay back all your tuition.

Now we promise you, in the future we will still work hard to offer you a comfortable learning environment, so do not hesitate anymore, just go to KCEL to study, there will be surprises are waiting for you.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture start dates are: August 22, 2011, we can be contacted at :0871 —5,358,860,(KCEL in north:0871—6371200) our website is:

Our address: main school :No. 218 Dongfeng west Road, 5th floor, Part A of Fuchun Building(the upstairs of the SuNing 苏宁电器),Kunming.
If you can not find it, please give us a call and we will come to greet you!
We offer different levels, a variety of Chinese language classes, and Chinese culture classes, we believe there is always a class for you!

If you have any living and learning problems in kunming, tell us and we will try our best to help you!

Come on, KCEL will never let you down!

fogdear (99 posts) • 0

I am a student at KCEL in the north. WHY DID YOU TELL ME YOU WOULD INCREASE THE TUITION TO 8000 RMB AFTER SEPTEMBER 1 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

To Mr. Principle and teacher responsible for recruiting students for KCEL:

I have never attended any language school nor will I ever, however, as a professional, when you make an official comment as a representative for your organization, aren't you suppose to leave your full name and contact number as a way to 1)verify the authenticity or your comment, 2) Let people know who to quote when referencing the comment, and 3) Know who to direct further question and/or discussions.

I can already imagine the following conversation between a potential student and the recruiter:

Student: Hi, I would like to enroll in your school. How much is the tuition?

Recruiter: It is 8000.

S: I thought it was 4000.

R: Who said that.

S: That guy on the internet.

R: What guy?

S: Mr. Rumor and Mr. teach chinese

R: Sorry, don't know them. So that will be 8000 please.

S: ...........


russia (16 posts) • 0

Hey principle! What do you mean by KCEL is not involved in the price hike to RMB8000?? Your staff called me! Teacher Yuan Tong Si called me and asked me to register before 1st September for the old price. She said that registration after 1st September will be RMB8000. If KCEL is really not behind this price hike, then I suggest that you fire your staff, THE staff who called students up and informed them about the price hike. Do this to prove your innocence.
Otherwise, we will boycott KCEL...

By the way, whoever who uses this tactic to get students to register at their school asap before 1st September is a conman/conschool. We foreigners look down upon this kind of behaviour. It repulses us that the school will stoop so low in order to make money.
Really, this kind of behaviour is like smelly feet!!!!

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

".. and the only change we are going to have is that the teachers will become better, the quality of teaching will be higher, and the teaching conditions will be more perfect, as long as you enter KCEL, we are friends, your demand is our work."

Gag reflex triggered. I know it's probably a cultural thing, but in English this stuff sounds incredibly cheesy.

dbfan (20 posts) • 0

KCEL is in full on damage control but it does not seem to be working. I guess we foreigners are not as dumb as we look. I wonder how much impact this will have on their business. I know I wont go back there...

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

Because posting promises online is free from any legal responsiblities. They promised me a free semester at any school after taking my tuition and not giving me any classes at their west campus.

However when I tried to claim my free semester they denied everything, and when push came to shove all I got was a warning from the entry-exit bureau, and education department to cut my losses and move on.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

There is another angle that is a possibility.

The marketing person acted unilaterally, without permission, or consent, or knowledge of management; to either:

A/ make a hard sell. I have seen this done.
B/ to take money from students, pay the correct amount to the school, pocket the difference and fiddle the fapio. I have also seen this practice in China in another sales environment.

Neither strategy would be unique or new.

I am not saying that this is what happened, but just putting it forward as an alternative theory.

russia (16 posts) • 0 on..... so the only way that DF can clear their name (since DF denied their involvement)is to persecute their staff, may it be their teacher or even PRINCIPAL who contacted the students and told their students about the price hike. DF has been bullying their students for a long long time... It is time to speak up and be heard.

Go Fish (6 posts) • 0

Whatever school you attend, what matters most is the teacher you get. Of course, good management is always helpful.
I've studied at dong fang/KCEL, and it's clear that management (the principal, namely) just cares about money.

I am all for saving energy, but the measures taken to save money there are completely impractical. They only make it obvious how cheap they are. For example, only allowing half the lights in the classroom to be used, while class is in session. Turning out the lights in the common area during regular business hours, which will give you vision problems trying to read/study there and makes the place seem abandoned. Using tap water to fill the water dispensers instead of ordering bottled water. For the several kuai they may save, what an awful impression to give students or any potential ones (not to mention the health issues that could result from the tap water) .

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