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Current fee is 390 RMB for 30 day single entry, 550 RMB multiple entry. Regular processing time appears to be faster. Submitted my application on Wednesday afternoon last week and visa was ready for pick up on Friday.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Getting a Chinese visa in Vietnam (or Cambodia)?

What is the current status of getting a Chinese tourist visa in Vietnam? Previous threads indicate Hanoi only issues visas for Vietnamese residents, but can foreigners still get a visa in Ho Chi Minh? What the requirements? Are there more restrictions since 1 July 2013?

How about Cambodia? (I've been to Laos for a previous visa run so would like to travel elsewhere.)

Forums > Study > Statement from KCEL about the tuition

Whatever school you attend, what matters most is the teacher you get. Of course, good management is always helpful.
I've studied at dong fang/KCEL, and it's clear that management (the principal, namely) just cares about money.

I am all for saving energy, but the measures taken to save money there are completely impractical. They only make it obvious how cheap they are. For example, only allowing half the lights in the classroom to be used, while class is in session. Turning out the lights in the common area during regular business hours, which will give you vision problems trying to read/study there and makes the place seem abandoned. Using tap water to fill the water dispensers instead of ordering bottled water. For the several kuai they may save, what an awful impression to give students or any potential ones (not to mention the health issues that could result from the tap water) .


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I went to renew my L visa yesterday. Apparently, another new rule since Sept. 1 requires all foreigners to get visa photos taken at the on-site photo shop. They upload the photo to the PSB database and give you a scanned copy with photos. This added step will set you back another 30 kuai.

I saw groups of students accompanied by a school representative applying for visas so it's possible the school can't take care of the visa like they they used to; you might have to go in person now.

Anyway, don't bother to get photos done beforehand. They won't be any good.



Beware of those "free" classes being advertised. Last year when I was a student there, a few weeks into the semester, they changed their tune and decided to charge for the previously "free" class. We either had to pay or or drop out. It's sad how obviously cheap and greedy the management (laoban) is.


It's definitely not worth the price, made the mistake of going there today. Service was decent; however, it was empty.


I would say it's really hit or miss. Since the last miss, which was really bad -- all 6 of us (different nationalities) got serious food poisoning, I haven't been back.