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Getting a Chinese visa in Vietnam (or Cambodia)?

Go Fish (6 posts) • 0

What is the current status of getting a Chinese tourist visa in Vietnam? Previous threads indicate Hanoi only issues visas for Vietnamese residents, but can foreigners still get a visa in Ho Chi Minh? What the requirements? Are there more restrictions since 1 July 2013?

How about Cambodia? (I've been to Laos for a previous visa run so would like to travel elsewhere.)

Asanee (117 posts) • 0

Regarding Vietnam, I've heard the opposite now for tourist applications. Hanoi is OK but Saigon is not. What is the definition of a resident in Vietnam though, anyone on a 3-month or longer visa? However, it's best to make your application through a travel agency. Even if they charge more, if they advertise they can do Chinese visas, chances are you can trust them.

Cambodia was very easy a while ago when I went there - some of the latest sources suggest it's still that way, others suggest otherwise. However, because you can purchase a 6-month or 1-year business visa by paying between US$150-300 after arriving on a US$25 1-month business visa, you can easily call yourself a resident of Cambodia in less than a week. Having said that, going to all that expense just to qualify for a Chinese visa might seem ridiculous, though it might just be cheaper than flying to Hong Kong or somewhere else.

In Cambodia I again suggest using your hotel or a travel agency to help you. Recent reports suggest that you can still easily get a tourist visa for China there as a non-resident.

I don't think the July 1st changes have made it more difficult to apply for a tourist visa. Most of the changes have resulted in new types of visas and changes to existing types such as the Z visa (now split into two types) as well as more streamlined rules on extensions.

I am pretty sure the requirements for getting a visa in Vietnam and Cambodia are the same as everywhere else - an invitation letter from a Chinese resident or travel agency OR a hotel booking and air ticket. However, some reports suggest that travel agencies may not ask for anything more than your passport, a photograph and the money to pay for the visa. Presumably they either supply some kind of documents or have a good relationship with the consulates so they don't need to supply these documents.

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