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Amusing T-Shirt phrases

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

One has to allow for some mistakes and acceptable Chinglese phrases on t-shirts. Some seem strange but are not really absurd or stupid. For example, I often see t-shirts with either the word SPORTS or FASHION on them. Once I saw a t-shirt covering booth fields with FASHION SPORTS. I don't know why anybody would want to wear a t-shirt with the single word SPORTS or FASHION on them, but a lot of people do. But some other shirts I have been seeing lately are on the one hand curious and seem to possess some sort of stream of consciousness element while others are simply vulgar and ridiculous and I think the wearer would not wear the same phrase on his/her shirt in their native language.

Here are a couple cute but perplexing phrases I have seen recently:

Eating Food in a Cafeteria
Sappy Moose Tree
Ape Shall Not Harm Baby

At the moment I cannot recall others and am going to start carrying around a notebook to copy down phrases I see. The ones below really stand out in my memory and I wonder if the person knew what they were wearing if they would bother to change their shirt or not:

F##K IN THE BOX (no # signs in the original of course)
I am the one you've got to blow to get a drink around here (worn by a female)
Am I late for the orgy? (female)
Lets make out (female)
Giving her boyfriend a hand job (female)
Exploring my sexuality (female)

And there are more but I lack a memory like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory so I will leave it at that and wonder if others have seen some of these t-shirts or something similar. When I brought up the issues of the Let's Make Out shirt worn by a female student in my class I was basically told that they all think it is a good shirt and promotes English. When I made it clear what the shirt meant the girl was flushed and I never saw here wear it again.

If I wore a t-shirt with hanzi that said Am I late for the Orgy I hope somebody would tell me what it said and that I looked like a fool wearing it.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

I saw one that said 我是老外 but my shoulders were too big for it. May make one with the wife one day.

Geezer (1947 posts) • 0

In 2002, in Zhuhai, they were selling small girl's shirts with "F**K" on the front. By small I mean kids 7 to 10 years old. For a couple of weeks they were pretty common before the word got out. We then saw them with the F**K appliqué scraped off but with no doubt as to what letters were gone.

When my son was doing his undergrad at Tufts, the Asian students sold hachimakis that said "hole in my head." Altho I couldn't read it, suspected something as he gave me one and stood there grinning with a camera in his hand.

shadowave (8 posts) • 0

This reminds me one day i clearly saw a female wearing a t-shirt that says

"I am a Bi##h". the same, no # in the origin.

Lilwink (1 post) • 0

Talked to a guy with shirt with an angel on a toilet with the phrase 'Its a good day for poo-poo boy'.

aiyaryarr (122 posts) • 0

Upon reading this thread, my gf told me she saw a middle-aged woman in Lijiang wearing a T-shirt that said "PLEASE F##K ME" a few years ago (the pound/number signs were actual letters completing the 4-letter word).

My gf approached the woman and asked if she understands what the message says and the woman replied she did not understand English. My gf then quietly told the woman the meaning and the woman's face turned crimson red in a flash but left without thanking my gf for saving her from further display of her stupidity & resultant embarrassment.

Though many people in China want to learn English, but do not understand a dictionary (though not always reliable and/or fool-proof) is still one of the pre-requisites for learning a new language, writing a sign or a menu.

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