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Forums > Living in Kunming > China Eastern infant ticket

So all over the world an infants tickets price's is 10% of the adult ticket on that date. Yes, also in China, the civil aviation authority of China has this regulation on their website.

It's very simple and straightforward. You buy adult tickets and then you call the airline to buy an infant's ticket. Travel agencies cannot buy this ticket because there's no seat to occupy. It's a special ticket for infants only.
We bought our tickets and started to try to call China Eastern. No answer on their hotline maybe because we were calling from abroad. So we sent an email also no reply.

Finally, we thought we can deal with them at the airport at the check-in desk, but also no one from China Eastern was available. Finally we were forced to buy a full price adult ticket to be able to travel with our child, who is only 6 months old. We paid $550 for a one way ticket hoping we can deal with China Eastern once we're in China.
Now that we are finally able to contact China Eastern from within China, they are refusing to give us an infant ticket at 10% price of the adult ticket. They are also refusing to change to one way ticket we were forced to buy in Dubai to return ticket.

This is a very simple and straightforward issue. We found a flight that suits us at a price that suits us. China Eastern is refusing to abide by their own written rules. If we knew they want to charge this much for tickets we wouldn't fly with them.

Here's the link to where China Eastern states that infant tickets are 10 percent of the adult tickets' price.

From what I know, in China, you can only get fair treatment when the media is involved. But I've never been in this situation. Where do I get started?

Any help appreciated, thanks

Forums > Living in Kunming > Please advise a phone

So where's the official xiaomi shop here in kunming? Are their prices same like the online shop? I read good stuff about their earphones and want to get their new fitness tracker thingy

Forums > Living in Kunming > Technition needed

@Dazzer can or can't be worked around? I hate to be on the early boat to discover all of Windows' *features* I'd rather read someone else's experience and figure out what's going to work for me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Please advise a phone

Am I paranoid not to trust xiaomi phones? Something like hardware spy 'features' that I can't get around? Or have I been reading too much into Snowden articles? My memory is not as good as it should be. I don't remember what it is I'm paranoid about.

Forums > Living in Kunming > There was a Panasonic repair center somewhereNorth

I fixed my camera once again a Panasonic specialized repair center. They repaired tvs cameras and everything Panasonic. I remember it was somewhere in the north of Kunming inside second Ring Road. That was about 4 years ago. I checked the Panasonic website but nothing came up for Kunming. Any idea?

A broken LCD and some dirt preventing the lens cover from opening and closing properly, not a difficult job, just prefer a trusted place


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haha.. came across this while looking for running shoes ..

Someone's shoes fall into a ditch, stampede ensues .. Ah, it's China, I understand now..


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