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Shoes fall in toilet, stampede ensues

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Seventeen children were reportedly injured in a 'stampede' at a primary school in Qujing, Yunnan Province on Tuesday morning, according to a Xinhua news report.

The Xinhua report explains the official take on the incident:

"The accident happened at about 9:50 a.m. when a boy student of Tongquan Primary School, Malong County, suddenly shouted 'my shoes fell off into the ditch' in a toilet, sending the rest of the students into panic and running outside, according to the publicity department of Qujing City Committee of the Communist Party of China.

"In this process, some pupils fell to the ground, causing a serious stampede.

"Most of the injured are students of low grades and two are seriously injured. All the injured students are hospitalized."

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haha.. came across this while looking for running shoes ..

Someone's shoes fall into a ditch, stampede ensues .. Ah, it's China, I understand now..

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