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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gyms in kunming?!

"Power House"

5th (6th?) floor, Baishen mall @ Renmin zhong Rd.

Local guys told me that is almost the best gym house in Kunming, however I have never been there before...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Star Sport

I have to disappoint you that Star Sports is BLOCKED by the Administration of Broadcast and Television. Since Star Sports is not officially registered in China, it's an "illegal TV channel".

However, you may receive those "illegal channels" by a satellite receiver——Becareful, private satellite receiver is also not allowed by the law.

The second best way is to watch those programms via PPTV or PPS etc.



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Nice place for sports fans.

Beers also great.Haven't tried food yet.

Have to say fuwuyuan really changes fast, but service always slow.


it's now my 3rd year going here.

Fairly speaking, positive:

- nice service, at least one guy understands english

- salad and sandwiches are great
- coffee, well, OK to the price

- the atmosphere's really nice

- some times a bit slow (especially food)
- "meiyou", that, i agree with Jiesi. Maybe they should improve there management in storage and logistic

In conclusion, i still rank here five star. No doubt i cant be so "objective" to a quiet and lovely place that i really spent a lot of time at.

BTW, does any one have any idea about "Beer Laos" ? Seemed its

popular in local beer lovers.