Upscale dining featuring a Chinese take on Western food

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  • NameBlue Bird
  • Address132 Cuihu Nan Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5315507
Blue Bird • 132 Cuihu Nan Lu

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I think this is different Blue Bird of the chain, located on the intersection of Cuihu South and West Roads I think in the south-west corner of Green Lake.

A double portion of serious food poisoning is enough for me and my friend to never visit this place again.
Waking up at 4am puking the whole bedroom under is the last "bucket" for this place.


beautiful interiour, but the food is definetly too expensive. We ordered Chicken Thai was the most dry chicken i ever ate. You can get the same quality in other restaurants half the price.


The restaurant is conveniently located and has a good atmosphere. The food is good, ordered a steak and the salads seem to be ok. The price is fairly high though, 100 RMB for a decent meal.


This place is no longer its former glory. The food quality has diminished and the prices increased. I've had 2 food poisoning incidents here, and one at the now closed dong feng xi lu branch. Maybe the health inspectors got to that one.