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  • NameBlue Bird
  • Address132 Cuihu Nan Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5315507
Blue Bird • 132 Cuihu Nan Lu


Upscale dining featuring a Chinese take on Western food



Revisted this pleasant place again. Dont know what all the whining is about? Food portions may have got a little smaller but there is still plenty, food is still to the same high standard and I can hardly describe this as expensive, by any standards particularly western ones. Service is and always has been pleasant, food always served quickly and hot. Not quite sure why wine by the glass is so so important?? I for one have never had a bad meal at Blue Bird


What is the deal with the price hike??????? A CAN of soda for 15 rmb?

Mediocre food, terrible and expensive pizza (goat cheese?) and smoky environment? The only thing they have going is their outdoor dining and not bad service. Sad to think that chinese think that is real western food.


Hey 'bucko', you must be fair, this restaurant is better than any place on Wen Lin Jie which you rated higher. Expensive? Try Green Lake Hotel. Small portions? Try Mazagran. It's all relative.


The food is expensive with small portions. Quality is poor and the service is not so good. I think the servers are not happy working there which shows in their attitude. I would not recommend this place at all.


Nice atmosphere, and good service. Of course, for 'Western' read 'non-Chinese, for example there is Thai (there is also fish-n-chips). The quantity of food is small for the price. There is no wine-by-the-glass but, because it is a 'club' (a weird idea that you pay extra for) you may buy an expensive bottle and, if you drink only half they will keep the remainder in the frig for your next visit -- really, they believe that next month the opened bottle will still be just fine! There is occasional live music which is incompatible with conversation. But the roof-top level is enjoyable in the summer, and is a great get-away from the live music.