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Forums > Living in Kunming > teeth cleaning in kunming? should I?

I'm not sure where the Chinese health services get a bad name - I'm sure that it's not perfect, but it's not perfect in the west either.

I've had serious invasive surgery in Kunming and the quality of service was second-to-none. I think that the reason is that foreign patients receive the use of senior surgeons and, probably, the bad name is the result of Chinese nationals seeing interns. I've also had my teeth cleaned a few times without any complications. At 50 rmb a time, you should go every month!

Bottom line (Oh, this is the bottom line). You can't afford NOT to get your teeth cleaned.

Forums > Living in Kunming > It's so cold...

This may seem obvious to some, but a useful piece of advice would be to ensure that the heater is thermostatically controlled.

If the apartment electrical fuses (contact breakers) are blowing you ought to check the rating - some apartment owners may use a lower rating to conserve energy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average Monthly Salary in Kunming?

Was there an interesting phrase in the above comment by 'jonny9', "If I was working right now, my budget would be 7,000 -with 2000 added for travel, savings, medical etc. thus 9,000." I'm sure that we eagerly await your next employment because, generally, we don't all work for international corporations.


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Unfortunately, I'm unable to explain Class iii, but I'm unlikely to swim in it. I should welcome an explanation of how wonderful is a visibility of 2.27 m (an improvement of 29 cm). Relate these minute measurements to the unreliable government statistics that often appear and I remain pessimistic, but I congratulate any improvement ... no matter how small.

@Bob: Have you any idea what the plans may be. I hope that it's more than planning to have another meeting. Experts in global warming (and that is the reason) will suggest that immediate, severe, actions must be taken, for example, double the cost of water.

This simply not a 'fluctuation' - it'll be worse next year.

Records show that snow fall in the Himalayas and the Artic (for example) is no longer replenishing glacier melt - this has been the case for more than a decade ... and continues.

Many teachers, both Chinese and foreign, who are aware of this report will make it a subject of comment today. Of course, the greatest contributing factor for these results is financial which results in an energy spiral strengthened by the attraction of foreign experts and, thus, the best students. Therefore, in a way, it goes without saying that the Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing universities will lead the pack.

Having spent my extended China teaching time equally in Chengdu and Kunming, I am aware of some contributing factors that Liu Shaohuai ignores. Obviously, as a diligent political member of the Party, it is unlikely that his education has concentrated on much more than propaganda and, thus, some very good teachers at Yunnan University (known to me personally) who are not active Party members are given little attention.

I remember meeting a Chinese senior English-language teacher who had been introduced, proudly, with a Ph.D. Upon enquiry, I learnt that her dissertation was about Ethnic Tourism. Is there a link between ethnic groups and language? Yes, but will this knowledge improve the teaching of language in Yunnan? Very little, in my opinion. There is also the memory of my first introduction to a Kunming university - My guide proudly telling me that 90% of the university's teachers had a bachelor degree. Seeking more information, I learnt that of the remaining 9% comprised those with masters and doctorates, but 1% (approximately) only had a college diploma. I understand that this is no longer the case.

Yet, by comparison, I know of an elderly foreign tenured-professor from a top U.S. university, with two doctorates, who visits Kunming for six months every year - he teaches privately during his visit and has never been approached to assist with the university assessments that Mr. Liu seems to advocate.

Finally, I should be interested to know why there is a 60 years-old age cut-off for useful foreign experts ... perhaps related but a whole new subject.



Although not a review, permit me to address 'dianjing' and 'Ouyang'.

Surely, it would be better to obtain the visa prior to coming to China. Is it probable that your friend's problem was his and not the school's?

Rating, anything, on this Website without a review is useless ... at best.

My personal experience of KUST is their proverbial dislike of Foreign Experts.


Hello Dima; Many will welcome your arrival as the new manager. I hope that you will provide the cook with some assistance during peak hours. Some will be unhappy with the three-week closure, but you might tell them to visit Dan Di Cafe for a similar menu, if only temporarily.


Hey 'bucko', you must be fair, this restaurant is better than any place on Wen Lin Jie which you rated higher. Expensive? Try Green Lake Hotel. Small portions? Try Mazagran. It's all relative.


Although this is one of my favourite restaurants in Kunming, I find it necessary to warn the management that having a fourth floor extension has taken things one step too far (actually, about 70 steps!).

In my opinion, by extending the business, both the hard working kitchen and waiting staff are unable to maintain the original food quality and level of service.

A recent visit presented us with a luke warm fruit/mutton curry that comprised many pieces of fat and gristle, and a half tandoori chicken that had two legs (?) and not much else -- this dish would satisfy three people last year.