Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) is now offering Chinese language training to international students of all levels at its school in the city's fast-growing north.

Upon arrival, the student's Chinese level is assessed so that he or she can be grouped with other students of comparable ability.

Taught by university-level instructors from KUST, our language institute in north Kunming offers small group courses of 12 to 15 students, featuring an interactive group dynamic and customized course materials. We also have a large library of Chinese materials for use by international students.

Beginner and intermediate classes meet for 14 hours each week, advanced classes meet for 10 hours weekly. Intensive courses of four hours daily are available for students wishing for rapid progress.

We also offer special coursework including HSK prep classes, prep courses for Chinese universities and various cultural experiences.

We have a Kindergarten on site, which can be used as day care by institute students who have children.

Lastl but definitely not least, we are able to provide our students with student visas, which take about seven working days to process.

For more information, please contact Wangdan at (0871) 4316005 or via email at 1976-wangdan[at]163[dot]com.

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  • NameKUST Northern Language Institute
  • Address317 Jinse Xi Lu, Luozhangcun, Panlong District, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 4316005
  • FAX(0871) 4310202
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KUST Northern Language Institute • 317 Jinse Xi Lu, Luozhangcun, Panlong District

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my friend had major visa problems with this school.


I can't provide any details abt my friend's situation b/c it's her story not mine, and I don't want to cause any problems for her, but I can tell you she was clearly not at fault.

One thing interesting abt KUST Northern Language Institute is it's not really officially part of KUST at all. But don't trust me on this - you can ask someone from the provincial Education dept about it.

However if you're having a great experience there more power to you. No matter what school you study at it's the teacher you have that matters.


Management seems good, the teachers are good so far. Their could be a bit more in coordinating the class content between teachers, but the classes themselves are good.

Almost every school in Kunming has a low satisfaction rate with "foreign experts" so perhaps they are just more direct and honest about expressing it.


Although not a review, permit me to address 'dianjing' and 'Ouyang'.

Surely, it would be better to obtain the visa prior to coming to China. Is it probable that your friend's problem was his and not the school's?

Rating, anything, on this Website without a review is useless ... at best.

My personal experience of KUST is their proverbial dislike of Foreign Experts.