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Forums > Living in Kunming > good VPN service?

I've found Witopia to be excellent, have never had any problems with it, though when local internet access is slow, Witopia also crawls.

Just make sure you get at least the $59.99/yearly pkg vs. the 39.99 one. The former is SSL, the latter PPTP. The PPTP service is blocked in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hey Morons!

"If anything, I suggest that you go talk to him instead of saying defamatory talk on the internet. People get sued for that you know? "

Have fun suing for this in China, maybe you can buy some more baijiu with the 20 kuai you're awarded.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Limbaugh

oh my bad,Tony, you said communist, not socialist - i can't figure out how to edit my posts on gokunming. looks like once you've posted it, it's there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Limbaugh

I'll join! And Tonyaod, socialist? Wait till you've been here at least 2 weeks b4 drawing those kinds of conclusions - lol.

Forums > Food & Drink > Bangkok Cafe

@timkunming except for Western restaurants and some noodle dives, most places don't want to serve you a bite @ 4 or 5 - in some places that's when the staff eats, and anyways they're not expecting customers till 6. Usually a Chinese restaurant will serve you at that time, but you'll notice they often do it rather grudgingly. The same goes for eating lunch after 2 pm.


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thanks for explaining it further. I was also surprised when I visited in summer 2007 that there was not much snow visible on the mtn, b/c I thought the snow caps were there year round.

yes, but are those pictures taken during the same season? If not it's not really an accurate comparison, is it?

I'd expect the peak to be snowier in fall or winter than in summer, or is that an error on my part?

The home page is in English but when you click on most of the links they take you to Chinese pages. When I go to the American page everything's in Chinese, but at least it plays a MIDI file of the national anthem so I can sing along in English.



I'm an advanced student of Chinese who has studied at several schools around Kunming over the years including KUST, Yunnan Normal, and DongFang (Kunming College of Eastern Languages and Cultures), and

Tenwest has been my best experience to date.

I took a one-on-one class with the purpose of studying for the

advanced HSK, but

I changed learning objectives mid-semester to concentrate on improving my spoken Chinese and interpreting skills, and the teacher tailored the curriculum to meet my needs.

The staff at Tenwest was dedicated to helping me reach my language learning goals. The headmaster, Albert Yang,

is not just in the education business to make money - it is evident in both his words and actions that he truly cares for each individual student.


my friend had major visa problems with this school.


I can't provide any details abt my friend's situation b/c it's her story not mine, and I don't want to cause any problems for her, but I can tell you she was clearly not at fault.

One thing interesting abt KUST Northern Language Institute is it's not really officially part of KUST at all. But don't trust me on this - you can ask someone from the provincial Education dept about it.

However if you're having a great experience there more power to you. No matter what school you study at it's the teacher you have that matters.


This place has great, inexpensive Thai food. The only problem is that it can often be crowded, and you'll end up having to sit down on the sidewalk at a table with people you don't know (which can be fun, but it depends on what kind of mood you're in) I would especially avoid it on weekdays at lunch time because it's near a high school whose students pack the place out at this hour. For the same food with a far more relaxing and quieter atmosphere I suggest the Tai Lai on Wacang Zhuang.


Teresa's pizza has some good toppings, but these do not a pizza make, there are. They are not very tasty, the taste is limited to toppings+cheese+tomato sauce, and seem to lack some of the classic Italian spices that should be on pizza. I would rather eat pizza @ Wei's, Pisa, Rocco's any day. Their pizzas aren't great but Teresa's is even more lackluster.