Voted Best Mandarin School (2020-2021) in Gokunming’s annual Best of Kunming contest, Tenwest Mandarin School has been helping international students of all ages achieve their language goals since its launch in 2006.

With award-winning faculty and a variety of courses and curricula, Tenwest can help you design a course of study that fits your unique needs.

Both full-time and part-time study is available, in the form of one-on-one instruction or small classes. Individualized one-on-one lessons can be taught on-line or in person at our school. Small classes are held at the school. For the busy professional, we can even arrange for your teacher to come to your home.

Courses offered

Our course content can be tailored to the needs of individual students. Here are some examples of past courses:

• Intensive Chinese (all skill levels), including using TPR (Total Physical Response) and GPA (Growing Participator Approach) to help beginners jumpstart their learning
• HSK preparatory classes for those needing to achieve certified language levels for university study or work requirements
• Business Chinese
• Short term “Survival” Chinese classes to cover basic needs for traveling
• Children’s instruction (5-16 years of age)
• Summer camp for middle school students, including home stay accommodations
• Classes related to Chinese culture and arts subjects – calligraphy, history, musical instruments, chess
Cultural activities

Throughout the year we arrange special activities for our students to experience Chinese cultural practices, especially at holiday times.


Conveniently located in the Carnival Shopping Mall on Linyu Road, Tenwest is accessible by bus and subway.

Other services

Student visas can be arranged for full time students, including dependent visas for accompanying family members.

Airport pick-up and accommodation assistance is available, including for those students desiring a home stay experience.

For more information, visit the Tenwest website or contact us by phone.

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  • NameTenwest Mandarin School
  • Address288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805, Kunming
  • MOBILE13759190098
  • Phone(0871) 65747722
  • FAXEmail:
  • HAPPY HOURMon-Fri: 10am-5pm
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Tenwest Mandarin School • 288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805

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I studied in Tenwest for over a year and half and I really want to recommend this school as I strongly believe it is an excellent one. Tenwest can provide individual class but also group class. The teachers are all very passionate and each of them use different methods in order to make the lesson more interesting. I personally followed the HSK preparation and managed to reach HSK6 within 2 years. In class, we followed the HSK book but we also watched movies, read news, talked about the latest topics and alternated ways of teaching.The school itself is very well located (North part of Kunming) and surrounded by many parks, restaurants and KTV. As soon as you step into the school you can feel as if you were at home. Everyone is so nice and if you need to ask any questions or encounter any problems Albert (headmaster) or the teachers are all willing to help.

The school is still able to offer student visa even during this difficult period and I really hope more and more students will choose to go there. I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you Tenwest for making my journey in China so unique and helping me to achieve my goal. I am now able to speak, write, listen and read in Chinese but also understand Kunming's dialect.



I have been a student at Ten West since coming to China in 2016. (totalling three years) From the very beginning working with Ten West has been incredibly smooth.

Albert (the owner) is extremely accommodating and has a lot of experience dealing with foreigners, both in terms of what it takes to get all the paperwork sorted out to get here, as well as dealing with foreigners' expectations and ways of learning.

Thankfully, my family have not needed to go to hospital in China, but on many occasions that I know of, Albert has been there when foreigners have needed emergency care and has gone the extra mile.

The teachers are all friendly, patient and willing to work with your personal ways of learning and individual goals.

For the first year, I gained a lot from doing the GPA method, and since then I studied HSK 4 materials and guided the lessons according to my own interests. Mainly using stories, graded readers and discussing current events etc...

An additional asset of Ten West is the cultural events they put on through the year, which mainly covers the major holidays like Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. A few months ago, Albert organised a camping trip which was great fun and again Albert went the extra mile in looking after his student's safety and needs.

Ten West is located near a subway station in the north of the city. In my opinion, the north of Kunming is much nicer than the West and is obviously cheaper to live in than the centre but still has everything you need.

Basically, I can assure you Ten West is not some kind of "rip off school", just looking for your money and giving you a shoddy experience.

Consequently, I can heartily recommend Ten West as a place to learn the amazing language that is Mandarin.


I am young learner at Tenwest and really enjoy my lessons. No matter your level, the teachers always teach at level that you can follow. The teachers are very kind and break down the Chinese step by step in order for you to learn well. I have learnt so much from Tenwest and within a year I am now able to hold conversations in Chinese, thanks to my teachers.


We relocated as a family to Kunming one year ago and Tenwest has been instrumental in helping each member of the family not only progress in our language skills but also have given us cultural insight and valuable assistance in adapting to everyday life in China. The teachers are friendly and engaging. They are quickly able to establish levels of proficiency and pitch engaging lessons at just the right level. As a teacher myself, I know how vital this is.

Our family has benefited so much from Tenwest. If you are looking for a family friendly school that will progress not only yourselves but also your children in Chinese proficiency, then Tenwest is absolutely the right school for you.


I was a little apprehensive about learning Chinese full time, not being an academic person, but I have learned so much in just a few weeks. The teachers are so well skilled in aiding learning, thanks to flexibility according to individual learning styles. The school is extremely well-run, affordable, friendly and response times to emails etc. is very fast. Learning here is so good, it's an absolute pleasure.