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Established in 2006, Tenwest Mandarin School offers international students in Kunming access to an award-winning faculty and a variety of courses and curriculum to meet every student's unique needs.

Accessible by K18, 61, 79, 91, 96, 119, 236, 167,228, Z1 buses, get off Linyu Qiao Stop (霖雨桥站), or by Kunming Metro Line 2, get off Linyu Qiao Station and use Exit A.

Courses offered

• Intensive Chinese for all skill levels
• Intensive Chinese utilizing the Total Physical Response (TPR) and Growing Participator Approach (GPA) methods
• Business Chinese
• Survival Chinese (four week course)
• Part-time classes
• Online Mandarin
• In-home Mandarin instruction
• Mandarin for children ages 5-16
• Special subjects instruction in calligraphy, Chinese history, Chinese chess and various Chinese musical instruments
• HSK Test Preparation Courses.

Chinese cultural activities

• During every Chinese festival we will hold a special party, to let our students experience the unique cultural practices of China
• Various other Chinese cultural activities


Small group classes numbering three students or more: 4,900 yuan per semester with a student visa provided. These courses are packed with exciting activities, which can include trips to local markets and visits with Chinese families.

Other services offered

• Student visas are available for all full time students
• Dependent visas for student family members also can be arranged
• Accommodation assistance can be provided for all of our students
• Free coffee and drinks
• Airport pick-up

For more information visit the Tenwest website or contact us by phone

Listing info
  • NameTenwest Mandarin School
  • Address288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805, Kunming
  • Mobile13759190098
  • Phone(0871) 65747722
  • Fax(0871) Email: [email protected]
  • Websitewww.tenwest.cn
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Tenwest Mandarin School • 288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805



I'm an advanced student of Chinese who has studied at several schools around Kunming over the years including KUST, Yunnan Normal, and DongFang (Kunming College of Eastern Languages and Cultures), and

Tenwest has been my best experience to date.

I took a one-on-one class with the purpose of studying for the

advanced HSK, but

I changed learning objectives mid-semester to concentrate on improving my spoken Chinese and interpreting skills, and the teacher tailored the curriculum to meet my needs.

The staff at Tenwest was dedicated to helping me reach my language learning goals. The headmaster, Albert Yang,

is not just in the education business to make money - it is evident in both his words and actions that he truly cares for each individual student.


I came to Ten West to study Chinese during my summer holiday. I was a little apprehensive at first coming here since there was little information online about the school.

But my experience with Ten West (the teachers, administration, and students) has been nothing but positive. I wanted to take classes and do a homestay for the month that I would be in Kunming. The director put me in contact with a student taking English classes at Ten West. I was able to stay with her extremely nice family for free. The director also picked me up from the airport and took me to the family's home, where I would be staying. Their apartment was conveniently located a ten minute walk from the school. I was also able to sit in on a class before deciding that my best option would be one-on-one tutoring sessions. My class sessions, although fast paced, were really helpful. My tutor was very friendly and was able to explain things in both Chinese and English to me. I was used my own book that I had been studying from, but the school also has books you can choose from. My first week I was here, the director took some students on a field trip to the Stone Forest (Shi Lin). The school, although small really tries to accomodate their students and made my experience extremely positive.

As Ten West is an expanding teaching facility, they do have their growing pains as well. Since there are only three classrooms, one of my classes was held in the office. Additionally, I do wish that they had small group classes, although the director did try to pair me up with other students, but no one was at the same level.

My tutoring lessons were 60 RMB per hour, which is standard for one on one lessons from a school, although you can get them cheaper from individuals elsewhere. I felt like they were worth it given the available resources at the school and that I wasn't paying for housing. The director and staff were really friendly and I would often come early to class to study. I think the smallness of the school is beneficial since each student enrolled is given individual attention. And since it is growing, the staff seems to go out of their way for the students.

Of course, it depends on what kind of Chinese lessons you may be looking for, but I would highly recommed this school for anyone seeking personal attention from a friendly staff.