Voted Best Mandarin School (2020-2021) in Gokunming’s annual Best of Kunming contest, Tenwest Mandarin School has been helping international students of all ages achieve their language goals since its launch in 2006.

With award-winning faculty and a variety of courses and curricula, Tenwest can help you design a course of study that fits your unique needs.

Both full-time and part-time study is available, in the form of one-on-one instruction or small classes. Individualized one-on-one lessons can be taught on-line or in person at our school. Small classes are held at the school. For the busy professional, we can even arrange for your teacher to come to your home.

Courses offered

Our course content can be tailored to the needs of individual students. Here are some examples of past courses:

• Intensive Chinese (all skill levels), including using TPR (Total Physical Response) and GPA (Growing Participator Approach) to help beginners jumpstart their learning
• HSK preparatory classes for those needing to achieve certified language levels for university study or work requirements
• Business Chinese
• Short term “Survival” Chinese classes to cover basic needs for traveling
• Children’s instruction (5-16 years of age)
• Summer camp for middle school students, including home stay accommodations
• Classes related to Chinese culture and arts subjects – calligraphy, history, musical instruments, chess
Cultural activities

Throughout the year we arrange special activities for our students to experience Chinese cultural practices, especially at holiday times.


Conveniently located in the Carnival Shopping Mall on Linyu Road, Tenwest is accessible by bus and subway.

Other services

Student visas can be arranged for full time students, including dependent visas for accompanying family members.

Airport pick-up and accommodation assistance is available, including for those students desiring a home stay experience.

For more information, visit the Tenwest website or contact us by phone.

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  • NameTenwest Mandarin School
  • Address288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805, Kunming
  • MOBILE13759190098
  • Phone(0871) 65747722
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  • HAPPY HOURMon-Fri: 10am-5pm
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Tenwest Mandarin School • 288 Linyu Lu, Jianianhua Commercial Center (Carnival), Building A, Office 805

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When I was in Kunming, I studied at Tenwest language school and I was amazed at how warm and caring the staff and teachers were at Tenwest! Their passion and commitment to their students was evident in the way the teachers took time to create learning experiences that were beneficial to each unique student. Whether I was in a group class or a one on one, I always had a rich learning experience! I will definitely be going back to Kunming to continue my Chinese language studies and when I do, I will be returning to the team at Tenwest language school! See you in 2018!!


I'm a beginner student of Chinese, having studied it at school for only a year.

It was great studying in TenWest. The teachers are great, always trying new ways to capture your interest for learning. They adapt really well to your personal requests also. They are also always willing to go out of their way to help, even if it includes working off schedule.
I had a great experience and highly recommend TenWest!


Having had many Chinese teachers (about 9). I can say without reservation that the 2 finest teachers have come from this school. The teachers are flexible and teach you what you need at the level you are. Albert has given us world class service that extends far beyond what a school would normally do. Students who attend this school really do feel like someone has their back even if you run into difficult circumstances.

They are even willing to send teachers to our home—a huge bonus when You have work or homeschool at the house.

If you're on the fence as to which school to attend for Chinese can do no better than 10 west.


I am a current student at TenWest. I have been studying there for two months and feel I can recommend it as a very good language school. Albert, the owner, is amazing. He is willing to help me in any aspect of living here in Kunming. My teacher is one of the best foreign language teachers I have had. I have studied at a similar school here in China and TenWest is far superior. I have also studied French and Spanish formally so I tend to be a little picky with language instruction. I have met several of the other teachers and they are also friendly and helpful. If you're looking for a good school for one-on-one instruction, TenWest is for you.