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Hi all,
After waiting 2 years to return to Kunming and still not being able to return, our family have decided to move to Laos. However, all our things are still in Kunming and we're in the UK. A friend has told me that to go through the post office it will be 138.1 for the first kg and then 30 after this. So to fill a box with 20kg worth of stuff, it'll come to 710!!

Does anyone have any advice as to how this can be done in a cheaper way? e.g. other postal companies etc..?

Many many thanks in advance


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I have been a student at Ten West since coming to China in 2016. (totalling three years) From the very beginning working with Ten West has been incredibly smooth.

Albert (the owner) is extremely accommodating and has a lot of experience dealing with foreigners, both in terms of what it takes to get all the paperwork sorted out to get here, as well as dealing with foreigners' expectations and ways of learning.

Thankfully, my family have not needed to go to hospital in China, but on many occasions that I know of, Albert has been there when foreigners have needed emergency care and has gone the extra mile.

The teachers are all friendly, patient and willing to work with your personal ways of learning and individual goals.

For the first year, I gained a lot from doing the GPA method, and since then I studied HSK 4 materials and guided the lessons according to my own interests. Mainly using stories, graded readers and discussing current events etc...

An additional asset of Ten West is the cultural events they put on through the year, which mainly covers the major holidays like Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. A few months ago, Albert organised a camping trip which was great fun and again Albert went the extra mile in looking after his student's safety and needs.

Ten West is located near a subway station in the north of the city. In my opinion, the north of Kunming is much nicer than the West and is obviously cheaper to live in than the centre but still has everything you need.

Basically, I can assure you Ten West is not some kind of "rip off school", just looking for your money and giving you a shoddy experience.

Consequently, I can heartily recommend Ten West as a place to learn the amazing language that is Mandarin.