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I studied in Tenwest for over a year and half and I really want to recommend this school as I strongly believe it is an excellent one. Tenwest can provide individual class but also group class. The teachers are all very passionate and each of them use different methods in order to make the lesson more interesting. I personally followed the HSK preparation and managed to reach HSK6 within 2 years. In class, we followed the HSK book but we also watched movies, read news, talked about the latest topics and alternated ways of teaching.The school itself is very well located (North part of Kunming) and surrounded by many parks, restaurants and KTV. As soon as you step into the school you can feel as if you were at home. Everyone is so nice and if you need to ask any questions or encounter any problems Albert (headmaster) or the teachers are all willing to help.

The school is still able to offer student visa even during this difficult period and I really hope more and more students will choose to go there. I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you Tenwest for making my journey in China so unique and helping me to achieve my goal. I am now able to speak, write, listen and read in Chinese but also understand Kunming's dialect.