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  • NameTai Lai
  • Address66 Ru'an Jie, Kunming
  • Phone13708875645
Tai Lai • 66 Ru'an Jie

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Always have the yellow curry, my gf gets the tomyumgoong and we get veggies, etc. on side. Never disappoints to have a meal here. I love Thai food and the other 'classy' thai restaurants aren't really something I wanna try for over-priced thai food which i can get close to at home.

This is an affordable, relatively good Thai Kunming! True the green curry was disappointing (I had it when I first went, tried the yellow and have never gone back), but other dishes are good enough to redeem this place. I'm actually surprised at the bad review about the tomyumgoong as I am shocked at how well they can do it (though have had an off one or two) but in general has excellent flavor, kick and a decent amount of prawns usually..good lemongrass, galangal, chili mix that is quintessential Thai! I almost get it over the curry..but I'm a curry guy! The papaya salad is pretty authentic too (hard to mess that one up).

The food gets 4 stars (are some lackluster dishes) but just for BEING in Kunming and not trying to be some high-end, swanky event to have a decent curry, this place gets a tremendously well-deserved 5 stars from me..oh, and the guy agreed to deliver to my new apartment which is out of his 'delivery zone'..6 stars for that! Green Lake area, beware that these guys deliver! ;)


I went here with great expectations, but I am sorry to say that I think the food was very bad. Now don't get me wrong: the older lady who owns the place is very nice, and it is a nice, cozy little place. But the food was not good.

First, it did not even taste like Thai food. It tasted like mediocre Chinese food. The green curry chicken had almost no liquid, but was basically a small pot with chicken in it. The tom yum soup was too salty and lacked flavor, and the mixed vegetables tasted like American Chinese food: all soy sauce.

The one redeeming thing was that this place sells the glass bottles of Thai soy milk that I love so much, and it is hard to find. Otherwise, I will not go back.


This is the best Thai food I've had in Kunming. We ordered five dishes and fried rice and paid less than 100 yuan.



This place has great, inexpensive Thai food. The only problem is that it can often be crowded, and you'll end up having to sit down on the sidewalk at a table with people you don't know (which can be fun, but it depends on what kind of mood you're in) I would especially avoid it on weekdays at lunch time because it's near a high school whose students pack the place out at this hour. For the same food with a far more relaxing and quieter atmosphere I suggest the Tai Lai on Wacang Zhuang.