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Hey Morons!

colinflahive (167 posts) • 0

This goes out to all the morons living in Kunming who treat this city like a kindergarten without a teacher. Your mommies not being here to take care of you doesn't mean that you have to act like little children. And just because you can take drugs like candy here doesn't necessarily mean you should.

This especially goes out to the moron last night who was only inches from cracking a young girl's head wide open. You're lucky she regained consciousness after 3 minutes. I bet she's not feeling so lucky today.

Grow up douche bags!

prd34 (59 posts) • 0

Colin, You are right! This city attracts a lot of morons -- and unfortunately some like to make stupid comments on GoKunming. Not you of course! peace, paul

yunnanrose (9 posts) • 0

I totally agree with Colin.

Morons like this should be banned from certain places in the future, if they prove they can't act in a responsible manner.
The night was meant to be a fun one, and people shouldn't have to be concerned about their safety.

I hope the young girl is OK, and that the person or people will reflect on their childish actions. This could have been a disaster for her and everyone.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

funny thing was, not long before it happened, i was being warned about the moron in question, and that something bad was going to happen. and it did.

i hope the girl's head mends, and that she's able to go get checked out by a competent doctor - she was out cold for a while, which is not a good sign.

danimal (8 posts) • 0

absolutely ridiculous. The girl who fell literally fell onto my feet, and the guy, who was absolutely not present at all, lay on the ground laughing for a couple minutes while this girl is laying there, totally unconscious. Then he got up and started yelling at people to back off and give her air, pushing my friend back away from her. Good thing there were several people there willing to help out.

I highly doubt he has learned his lesson, except that if you drop people, they will probably get back up a few minutes later. Terrible actions... people show you a lot about their character in a situation like this.

jimsc (9 posts) • 0

Can anyone explain WHAT the hell happened? All that's apparent from this thread: There was a moron. A girl got a head injury. Some posters are personally familiar with the moron in question.

Let's have it, freelance journalists: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. C'mon, pretend you're being graded on this.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

ok, calm down, no need to yell, and no need to patronise.

outside the Ganesh/Tribal Moons party last night, a girl was knocked unconscious after being dropped by a rather drunk partygoer.

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