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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a priest

The Catholic church in Dali was still "operating" a few years back with Father Larry (an American) there. If you know someone in Dali, get them to go and see if he is still in Dali.

Forums > Living in Kunming > LABA MUSIC WEEKEND

Weekend that shouldn't be missed. Hopefully Kunming people will come out and support the local bands.
It will be a fantastic weekend.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Lazy Bones Restaurant Is Closed

Totally agree with the above that you will come out on top.

"What goes around comes around". Shit, for your shitty partner, good

things ahead for a generous man like yourself.

Thanks Elliott for all the great times, steak nights, brunches and parties that kept us until the early mornings. Wonderful memories.
Missing the home delivery already!
Looking forward to your next venture. xxxxx


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I always wondered how tofu was made.
Thanks Kris for this wonderful video.
Very interesting.

The people in it seem so humble.

Great to read about HELL YEAH! Love the people, and the energy they put into their music.
Happy to hear they want to stay in Kunming, as we want to hear a lot more from this fantastic band.
Good luck with the competition.

Just a reminder to people going to music festival :

Don't forget your ID. Last time the police demanded passports from all
foreigners to keep until we left Puzhehei.

There was only the Chinese beer available, so bring your own Beer Lao, Scotch, Vodka, etc....

Layer up, the night time gets really cold...

OK, ready to party? Hell Yeah!



I love going to The Mask.

They play a lot of different kinds of music.

Many of the bands and musicians are now on holidays or touring, but will return to play in Kunming, at The Mask, soon.

The staff are always helpful and friendly.
The owners always try to please everyone with their music selection.

I personally feel the drinks are great.
You can actually taste the alcohol!

Also, I enjoy the inside/outside atmosphere.

As Alex says "On any performance night we like to keep things focused on the genre or the theme of the night in terms of the music."

The Mask is one place that cares about both the customers, and the music.
Thanks to all...



"I've ordered from Lazy Bones five times, and of those they've only got it right twice".

Why don't you just call them up when the order is wrong and tell them right then and there, instead of whining on and on! They DO always call back if something is not available. To say they didn't call you makes me totally suspicious of your motives.

I personally haven't had any problems, and I use the service all the time. I find the phone staff, delivery people and food excellent.
They ALWAYS rectify any problems!